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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's Wednesday Fuel! 5 Fueling Tips To Help You Get In Shape in 3 Months, It's a Lifestyle!

These are my 5 Tips To Get you In Shape in 3 Months! If you can commit yourself to a good 3 months of consistently sticking to these tips you can make a lot of progress. Once you get to the 3 month mark stick with your healthy routine & you will have room for things that your enjoy in low frequency & moderation. When you are ready for more changes get back to your 5 tips for 3 more months. Fitness and Health is a lifestyle not a destination!

1. Consistently Load Up On Healthy Food At The Grocery Store.
What is in your grocery cart? Are you making yourself buy the food that looks healthy & throwing in just as many unhealthy options? When you are at the grocery store your goal should be to search out as many healthy food options as possible & load your cart up with those. Get creative and make it your goal to consistently add new healthy food to your grocery cart. You want to be excited about the healthy food that you are buying. Load up on: Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Fruit, Lean Meats, Complex Carbs, Herbs & Spices, & Healthy Fats.

2. Consistently Work Out 4-5 Days a Week
 I suggest high intensity interval training 4-5 days a week. This is how you will increase your resting metabolic rate, burn fat, & decrease your body fat percentage. This is the type of training that has compounding long term effects, this is how once you get to your goal you will actually be able to stay down, maintain, & then continue to improve when you are ready! Long Term Lifestyle!

3. Consistently Cook And Prepare All Your Meals.
Everyone is on a meal plan........ it's just whether you are on a healthy meal plan or not. Once you buy everything it's just sticking to it. Now that you have a grocery cart full of healthy food go home and plan out your meals for the week. I suggest cooking for 3 days in advance. When you are cooking & preparing your food you are in control of calories & content......what is necessary for losing pure fat weight & building lean muscle mass. You should be eating atleast 5 meals a day to keep your metabolism up to burn fat & build lean muscle mass. HOW you FUEL to LOSE fat weight is  very important to your ability to maintain your results once you attain them. This is the way you fire your metabolism up, get your body used to eating consistently, burning through food, & utilizing the food you eat so that once you get down you can STAY DOWN.
4. No Alcohol.

Everything you put in your body for the next 3 months should be to burn fat & tone up. Alcohol doesn't help with either of those so I suggest cutting it out for 3 months. THE ALCOHOL WILL ALWAYS BE THERE, say goodbye for a little while! You can have a drink here and there once you get down to your goal in the mean time a hot body is better than a cold drink!

5. Avoid Eating Out.
If you have to eat out, no more than 1-2x per week & order healthy when you do. When you order out they may supply nutritional facts but those are going to vary based on whoever is preparing your meal in the kitchen. Try to stick with lean proteins, veggies, complex carbs, & all sauces/condiments on the side.

I want you to LOVE your Athlete Lifestyle, Life's a Sport! -Danielle

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