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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fit For The Holidays! Quick Tips!

It's important to have an exercise plan for the holidays! The day of a holiday event I have a workout tip that will help you to counterbalance the extra calories in your diet, so you can Indulge & Stay Fit!

When you exercise the day of an event it helps to burn the extra calories that you are going to be intaking. Don't sweat how long your workout session is, the focus is to get a Quick Intense Exercise Session. The goal of the workout is to burn as many calories as possible! To do that intensity is the way to go, especially with the lack of time in a packed holiday schedule.

Don't settle for a simple run at the same moderate pace the whole time. Drive the intensity up really high & then let your body quickly recover with moderate exercises. Do sprints instead of a run! Focus on driving your heart rate up to 65-85% of your heart rate max....20 minutes of nonstop sweat. Tis the season to enjoy delicious holiday goodies and treats while staying fit for the holidays!

Quick Tips! 
20 Minutes & 65-85% Heart Rate Max
1. 20 Sprints: 30 second sprints followed by 30 seconds of recovery, repeat 20 times
2. Boot Camp Circuit: weight bearing exercises combined with cardio exercises

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