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Monday, November 18, 2013

Holiday Athlete FUN with Healthy Drinks & Tips!

For the Holiday Athlete, that says NO to Drinks!
If you choose not to drink don't tell everyone just order a water on the rocks in a short glass with lime (with the small straw).

For the Holiday Athlete that says YES to Drinks! Have FUN with Healthier Holiday Drinks!
Drink a water between each drink, this can cut your alcohol intake & calories in 1/2. Since you are  going to be dehydrating this will help you rehydrate to speed up recovery for the next day. Try to limit drinks to 2 per night.

The rule of thumb is 75% is liquor + non calorie mixer (zero pop, soda water, diet tonic) with 25% or a splash of a low calorie or regular calorie mixer (orange juice, cranberry juice, regular pop, pomegranate, sweet grenadine, light eggnog, light cider).

1. Dry champagne, pomegranate juice, sweet grenadine
2. Apple jack brandy & light hot cider
3. Light eggnog & brandy
4. Any flavored (cherrykran, cranberry, whipped cream, chocolate, pomegranate, triple shot espresso, smores) vodka with soda water….peppermint & soda
5. Vodka or gin with diet tonic
6. Whiskey & coke zero
7. Vodka, or any flavored vodka with sprite zero, add a splash of sweet grenadine
8. Your favorite wine: 4 oz. is 1 glass, try to limit to two glasses
9. You favorite beer: 1 regular beer, 2 light beers, or 4 extra light beers

I want you to LOVE your Athlete Lifestyle, Life's a Sport! -Danielle

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