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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Get Fit Arms Fast!

I'm going to help you get toned arms so that you can look fit in sweaters or sleeveless! Everyone is going to start asking you what you have been doing, because these two exercises are very effective at changing the shape or your arms.  

In our daily life when we use our arms we typically pick things up, but it's rare that we will lift our arms over our head or out to the side. It is essential to add these exercises to your fitness plan because these changes in movement are necessary for changes in your arms. Keep in perspective change is challenging, but for those who strive to improve change is necessary!! Your arm muscles aren't used to the movement of these exercises, so it will be challenging, but because of this your arms will tone up very quickly!!!! This is perfect for your fitness plan....more effective exercises lead to more rapid progress which leads to more motivation which leads to a very effective fitness plan & a Very Fit You! HAPPY!!!

Exercises Target Shoulders & Triceps (the back of your arms)
Over Head Shoulder Press
Do 3 sets of 15

Side Lateral Raises
Do 3 sets of 15

I want you to LOVE your Athlete Lifestyle, Life's a Sport! -Danielle

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