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Sunday, January 13, 2013

12 Week Sweat Training, Training & Fueling Game Plan. Coach Danielle's Support To Keep You on Track Week 3!

Heading into week 3 of your 12 week plan it's all about momentum & fine tuning! Your fit lifestyle plan is in action & you can get excited because all the fat burning is adding up to a decent progression towards the fit toned body you have been focused on. This week I want to give you fine tuning diet & exercise tips to add momentum to your increasing metabolism and fat burning.

Week 3 Diet Plan "Being Hungry & The Desire To Eat Often Is The Sign Of A Fast Metabolism."

For your Diet Plan this week it's important to remember that there is a difference between eating healthy & turning your body into a lean fat burning machine. To increase your metabolism, get fit, & burn fat for fuel it's important to focus on timing of your meals & getting the right meals in at the right time to prep & recover for your workouts. Week 3 is all about fine tuning the timing of all your meals and especially your workout preparation & workout recovery meals. Week 1 & week 2 were about creating the foundation of the right foods, with the right portions, & planning out your weekly meals. Make sure you continue to plan out your meals for the week, getting your healthy grocery list together, & cooking ahead of time to prepare for your week.

Moving forward, you now should be focused on becoming as efficient as possible at coordinating the correct meals & meal timing with your daily schedule & your workout schedule. When you eat the right meals pre and post workout with the correct timing you are going to burn more fat & gain muscle more rapidly. Your body also loves the consistent timing of every meal & will burn through the food faster & through more fat just from fine tuning the timing. You will know this is happening when you begin to wake up hungry & you are hungry right after you finish eating a meal. These are signs of a fast metabolism and your body burning stored fat for energy.

In comparison being hungry b/c you aren't eating consistently throughout the day, aren't eating enough at each meal, or are eating unhealthy meals is a sign that your metabolism is slowing. Another sign that you are slowing your metabolism and storing fat is the absence of hunger. If you don't have an appetite for long periods of time b/c your are eating too much at one meal or eating so much at night that you aren't waking up hungry. This waking up not hungry is normally followed by waiting to eat until later in the afternoon or evening the next day. Know that the good kind of hunger that is promoting a fast fat burning metabolism is from you eating frequently & eating healthy portions of the right combinations of food at every meal.

Week 3 Workout Plan

Keep up with the consistency of your workout schedule & the intensity of your training in the gym that you setup in week 1 & week 2. This week add momentum to your fat burning in the gym by continuing to add to the variety of challenging & effective exercises to your workout routine. By adding new exercises to your workouts in the gym you will add to your fat burning momentum. Add the same time don't just add exercises to add them, you want to be adding the most effective & efficient exercises. Your new exercise to add to your workout plan, click here to checkout your new exercise video!

I want you to LOVE your Athlete Lifestyle, Life's a Sport! -Danielle

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