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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kettleball Ab Exercises To Get Rid of "Holiday" Love Handles!

Get those flat abs that you want by adding these new kettleball abdominal exercises to your workout routine. These exercises are amazing at targeting your upper & lower abs while hitting your obliques. Oblique exercises that hit the sides of your abdominals are amazing for keeping your waist tight & fighting off those love handles.

Abdominal exercises are a great way to start incorporating & getting comfortable using kettleballs in your workout routine. When introducing new equipment into your workout routine it's important to start off with basic exercises so that you learn proper form, learning how to effectively utilize kettleballs.

Kettleball Abdominal Exercises
Do 3 set of 30 repetitions of each exercise
Use a  kettleball, dumbbell, or plate weighing 10-15lbs
1. Kettleball Figure 8: Imagine you are Kayaking & make a Figure 8 over your Abs, drop the kettleball low  to your waist.
2. KettleBall Twists: Focus on Twisting your shoulders & tapping the weight to the ground.

Exercise Targets: Upper Abs, Lower Abs, Obliques
Exercise Targets Secondary: Shoulders, Biceps, Chest, Back

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