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Monday, January 07, 2013

12 Week Sweat Training, Training & Fueling Game Plan. Coach Danielle's Support To Keep You on Track Week 2!

You have finished 1 week of your healthy 2012 diet & exercise plan, congrats & big pat on the back! Challenging yourself & taking action towards your healthy lifestyle goal is quite an amazing accomplishment. With your plan in place & week 1 kicked off, week 2 is all about intensity & recovery to achieve the rapid progress & fit lifestyle you are after!

Week 2 Exercise Plan "It Is Time To Sweat!!!"

The second week it's time to bump up the intensity in the gym. In week 1 you are getting used to your training schedule & your body adjusting to a consistent workout routine. In week 2 it's time to sweat & start pushing yourself. The body will adapt to any demand placed upon it, if you are inactive your body will adapt to that demand becoming sluggish and slow. If you challenge yourself with resistance exercises, sweating, & attaining periods of 65-85% of your heart rate max then your body will continually work to improve & progress to adapt to the demand being placed upon it. You will begin to see more rapid progress in an increased metabolism, increased appetite, your body working more efficiently during your workouts, & the one we all love fat burning & toning of your fit physique.

Week 2 Diet & Exercise Plan.....Recovery & Progress

"The Inaction Is Essential To Balance Out All That Action!"

In week 2 your body is starting to adapt to all these new challenging demands of healthy diet & a fat burning workout plan. Your body is being challenged all day during your diet plan to burn fat. In addition to your diet fat burn your workout sessions are giving you even more fat burning which continues for 24-48hours post workout. Your body wants to become more fit to keep up with the challenging healthy demands, so it will adapt by turning into a fat burning machine.

Now, instead of relying on just food for energy, you are relying on healthy food & stored fat for energy. It is essential to let your body get enough recovery so it can keep up with all this rapid progress towards your goal. There are a couple of things your can do to help you get the recovery you need to keep up with all the progress your body is making: hydrating, sticking to your timing of your meals, eliminating unnecessary stress, downtime, & getting adequate sleep each night.

I want you to LOVE your Athlete Lifestyle, Life's a Sport! -Danielle

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