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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

12 Week Sweat Training, Training & Fueling Game Plan. Coach Danielle's Support To Keep You on Track Week 1!

I'm very Excited for you it's Week One of your Plan!! The first week of your 12 week plan I have all your diet & exercise tips to make this a successful healthy diet & exercise week for you.

Week 1: Healthy Diet & Exercise Plan

A fit lifestyle is the combination of a consistent diet & exercise plan. Combing all the new habits of both this week are going to kick start you to rapid & long term progress. The combination of an effective diet & exercise plan is key to training & eating to change your body. Doing both consistently this week is a major jump & accomplishment so be proud & get excited!

Week 1: Keep it Simple When Focusing on Your Diet & Exercise Plan

Before you started your 12 week fit lifestyle plan you thought about your overall goal that you wanted to accomplish. Keep that overall goal in mind during the plan, but now that you have started it's important to focus on your diet & exercise goal on a week to week basis. Ask yourself, what do I need to do this week to make sure that I have everything in place to be able to stick to my diet & exercise plan? Keeping it simple will ensure that it's manageable & you will find yourself taking all the actions necessary to living your new diet & exercise plan on a week to week basis.

"Sometimes the Goal is on a Meal 2 Meal & Workout 2 Workout Time Frame."

Week 1: Measure Your Diet & Exercise Progress

This week it's essential to take all your measurements & photos so that you are able to see all the amazing progress you will be making. Remember the first day of measurements are all a positive action. Initial measurements are all about your jump off point to just keep improving & making your life healthier, positive, & more active. These measurements are very important for your monthly check-ins & forward progress. You are going to be making yourself physically healthier both internally & externally.

Week 1: Diet Plan

Remember to hydrate! Water is very essential to your body utilizing all the healthy food you are eating, recovering from workouts, & turning your body into a fat burning machine. Water is your new best friend that should be with every time you eat. Each day it's a great goal to focus on getting all your water in. Water also helps incredibly with a sense of being full & satiety with your healthy meals. Ensuring that you get all your water in every day is essential to your daily diet plan.

Week 1: Exercise Plan

"Break the Sweat Barrier in the First 5 Minutes of your Workout!" --DK

The first week in the gym it's all about keeping the consistent workout schedule that you have setup. This week your goal is to make all your set workout times & workout for the entire workout session. It's really easy to move workouts to another day or to tell yourself you'll add it in at the end of the week. Work to stick to the schedule that you have setup to make yourself stick to the actions you've laid out for your exercise plan.

I want you to LOVE your Athlete Lifestyle, Life's a Sport! -Danielle

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