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Monday, January 21, 2013

Sweat Training & Fueling Game Plan, Coach Danielle's Support To Keep You on Track Weeks 4-5!

When you are 4 weeks into being on a diet & exercise plan, now is the perfect time to measure your progress. How you measure your progress is essential to staying motivated, ensuring that you are making progress, & that your plan is increasing your metabolism. When you are looking for change in progress you are looking for change in your body fat percentage. This means that you are increasing your lean muscle mass which helps to give you a fit shape, burn more calories at rest, & burn more calories during your workout. You are also wanting to have burned up fat for fuel, this will remove the layer covering your toned body so that your skin lays right next to your fit shape. All this change in body fat percentage means you are going to fit into a smaller clothes size.

How To Measure Change In Your Body Fat Percentage

1. Fitness Progress Photos
When you started your 12 week plan you should have taken photos at the beginning of week one in your sports apparel that were shots of you from the front, side, & back. It's important to take these photos again now 4 weeks later in the same outfit & similar lighting. The reason that you are on the plan is to look better so progress photos are visual evidence that you are looking better & changing your body fat percentage.

What to look for in your fitness progress photos? Pictures 4 weeks into a plan are about how far you have come, not how far you have to go. You want to look for subtle improvements in your shape, slimming in your face, & the tightening of your skin. Focus on all the positive improvements and changes that you are seeing.

2. Body Tape Measurements
Break out the tape measure and redo all your measurements. Remember that the tape measure doesn't differentiate between muscle and fat, but rather shows inches lost. So, if the scale doesn't change but you have lost inches you know you are losing fat weight & gaining lean muscle mass. Muscle is more dense than fat so you will be getting more lean & toned. Losing fat and gaining muscle will make you smaller, more fit, & increase your metabolism all adding up to you fitting into a smaller clothes size.

3. Fit Into a Smaller Clothes Size
Even if the scale hasn't changed, if you have lost inches and your photos are improved you will definitely be fitting better in your current clothes or even 1 size down. Your diet and exercise plan is designed so that you can look better in clothes & looking better not reaching a number on the scale is the goal. So, go into your closest and try on clothes that haven't been fitting well or were almost able to fit and try them on. Try on a couple of items and you will be amazed that you are fitting into a smaller size.

4. Your Weight On The Scale
The scale is your last way to measure progress. The scale might be the same, up, or down....all of those results are just fine as long as you are seeing improvement in your clothes, progress photos, & body tape measurements. These results tell you that you have put on lean muscle mass & burned fat so that you are getting a fit shape and increasing your metabolism.

Week 5: Staying Motivated On A Diet & Exercise Plan

1. Camaraderie
I want to hear about your fitness progress and see your fitness photos!!!! Post your motivation, results, and inspiring sweat stories on Twitter. Camaraderie is a great way to stay motivated & gain support from others who have similar diet and exercise goals working toward a healthy lifestyle.

2. Reward Your Fitness Progress & Stay on Track 
When people get progress with their fitness plans they tend to go back to bad habits. Week 5 is about staying on track and staying focused on continuing to make even more progress towards your goal.  If you are tired of starting over you have to stop giving up! You just got a lot of positive motivation from your changing body fat percentage, now keep that positive motivation going with your workouts and rewarding yourself. A great way to reward your fitness progress is to start wearing the clothes in your wardrobe that you now fit into and make you feel great all day long. Feeling good when you get dressed in the morning sets you up for positive energy all day. You want to keep feeding off of that positive energy to help you stay motivated for you diet and exercise plan. Another great reward is adding to your fitness attire. Start getting yourself more fitness apparel that showcases your progress and makes you feel inspired while you are in the gym training so you can get even more out of your workouts.

I want you to LOVE your Athlete Lifestyle, Life's a Sport! -Danielle

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