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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SweatTV Flat Abs Exercises

Flatten out that stomach by combing the benefits of abdominal exercises that tone & also burn fat. Ab exercises are essential to getting a nice toned shape to your abdominals, but you can't just do abdominal exercises by themselves to achieve that flat stomach.

Ab exercises like plank holds are a great exercise to help strengthen & tone your abs. This is a very foundational exercise that helps you to have toned abs & also enables you to do more advanced exercises. Mountain climbers are an example of an advanced exercise that requires the abdominal strength & form gained from preforming plank holds.

When training for flat abs you have to tone your abs & also burn the layer of fat over the top of your abs at the same time. Ab exercises like mountain climbers are great for this because they build up your 6 pack while you are burning the layer of fat that is covering it up. Cardiovascular exercises that also tone your abs are great for maintaining the high intensity that will remove the layer of fat between your skin & muscles.....the result a flat stomach.

Your workout plan should incorporate cardiovascular exercises that also tone your abs to achieve those flat abs. If you don't have cardio equipment at home mountain climbers are a great in between weights exercise to keep the intensity up, strengthen the core, & get your stomach flat.

Mountain Climbers
Targets: abdominals, cardio, healthy heart
Secondary Targets: shoulders, triceps, hips, back

Plank Hold
Targets: abdominals
Secondary Targets: shoulders, hips, back, triceps

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