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Monday, March 25, 2013

It's Time To Train & Fuel For Bikinis, Briefs, Fun & Sun!

Summer is upon us, it's time to kick your training & fueling plan into high gear to get you swimsuit ready with this beach body plan. This plan is about training & fueling like an athlete, a long term maintainable lifestyle. You should always be training & fueling year round, but at certain times of the year it's important to have more discipline in your healthy lifestyle so that you are improving your athleticism for the long term. This summer you are going to be so happy, healthy, & HOT in your bikini or briefs!

Love Your Bikini or Briefs Body For Summer!
(Healthy Food + Fat Burning & Toning Workout Plan 5-6 days a week) x Repeat = Beach Body

Fueling Plan 
It's not about dieting or eliminating foods it's about loading up on healthy nutritional foods that are going to fuel your body.

1. Fuel lean muscle mass
2. Fuel your workouts
3. Fuel your metabolism
4. Fuel fat burning
5. Fuel your recovery

It's time to get rid of all the calorically dense & low nutrition food. Most foods that are in the center of the store are not food, they are food like substances loaded with chemicals. These foods are chemically designed to addict you & make you feel good for the moment, but not give you the nutritional value your body craves to live a happy healthy lifestyle. You have to bring the healthy in, in order to get the unhealthy out. It's time to load up on nutritionally dense food. I'm talking about real food, not food like substances. You body is designed to be an athletic machine so let's give it what it needs to get to the goal.

1. Fruit
2. Vegetables
3. Healthy Grains
4. Lean Proteins
5. Healthy Fats

It's about intaking healthy, nutritionally dense calories. These are the foods that are going to give you satiety, change your body, make you athletic, & keep you healthy. I'm talking healthy & athletic inside & out, from your organs, arteries, muscles, body fat, to your skin, hair, energy, & healthy glow. This is how you start getting away from cycles of gaining & losing to instead start living a healthy lifestyle & having an athletic body. It's time to start fueling like an athlete as a lifestyle.

1. Clean out the unhealthy, nutritionally empty, calorically dense food & food like substances in your kitchen.
2. Go to the grocery store & load up on a variety of healthy foods that you like to eat. DO NOT buy healthy food that you don't like to eat, but think you SHOULD eat. If you dread eating it you aren't going to stick to the plan. Buy healthy food that you WANT to eat.
3. Keep meals simple, easy, & flavorful.
4. Start learning & adding to your cooking skills.

Training Plan 
You can't just fuel like an athlete you have to train like an athlete. The body & lifestyle of an athlete comes from training & fueling like one. There is being active, working out, exercising, & then there is being on a training plan that is going to completely change your body. An athletic training plan.

1. Burns fat
2. Builds muscle
3. Strengthens your tendons, ligaments, bones
4. Increases your metabolism, resting metabolic rate
5. Makes you symmetrical
6. Protects you from injury
8. Decreases your resting heart rate
9. Strengthens your heart
10. Increases your mental & physical toughness

It's important to burn fat while toning your entire body to be swimsuit ready for summer, & this workout does both! This workout targets and tones your abs, back, shoulders, chest, & legs so that nothing is spilling over or pouring out of you bikini or briefs. Start your plan now to be athletic, lean, toned, happy, & healthy by summer!

When you do this workout you want to keep a fast pace and high intensity to ensure that you are burning fat while you are toning. Go from one set to the next with just enough time to let your heart rate drop from a high rate to a medium rate before beginning the next exercise. Your heart rate will go up during each exercise, but it doesn't have to stay at that high intensity the entire workout, allow your heart rate to drop between sets. The more you preform this workout, the faster your pace will become, & the more fat you will burn! Add in more variety of exercises into the format to keep your workouts fun & challenging.

Your Beach Body Workout!
Go Through Entire Circuit 5 Times:
1. Narrow Barbell Row - 15 repetitions
2. Squat & Press - 15 repetitions
3. Hamstring Curl - 15-25 repetitions
4. Kettleball Ab Twist 30 repetitions
5. Sprint - 30 seconds

Your Weekly Training Plan

1. Set a workout schedule
2. Stick to your schedule
3. You only have a few weeks until summer, NO excuses, get your mind right, focus on your goal & SWEAT! Bikinis, Briefs, Fun, & Sun!

I want you to LOVE your Athlete Lifestyle, Life's a Sport! -Danielle

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