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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Enjoy The Outdoors & Burn Fat This Spring! Bike, Hike, & Resistance Bands!

Grab your resistance bands & fall workout clothes & head outside! Here is a great exercise band workout routine to keep your fitness fun! Exercise bands are a great indoor and outdoor piece of workout equipment because of how lightweight and versatile they are. You can use them at home when it's cold out, at the gym, or take them to the park to add to your bike ride on a beautiful fall day! A lot of parks have fitness paths so that you can do your cardio bike ride or run, then use the band at the periodic exercise stations to do each of the exercises in the SweatTV workout video. At the end of the path you will have done a great cardio and resistance training workout that will have helped you burn fat, enjoy the outdoors, and have helped to keep your body toned and tight!

Do 3 Sets of 15 of Each Exercise
1. Narrow Rows: Use an underhand grip, narrow elbows & pull the band directly below your chest line
2. Squats: Keep your weight in your hips and heels
3. Chest Fly: Keep your hands even with your shoulders and middle of your chest line
4. Lunges Left Leg: 90 degree bend in each leg
5. Wide Rows: Use an over hand grip, elbows out, and bring the band to the middle of your chest line
6. Lunges Right Leg: 90 degree bend in each leg

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