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Monday, January 30, 2012

Upper Body Exercises! Back & Arm Exercises That Burn Fat So You Can Get Rid Of Back Fat

Doing back exercises that target this large muscle group are going to help you burn a lot of calories & re-shape you into a fit body. Pulldowns are great upper body exercises that target both your back and arms. A lot of time people neglect their back in their workout program & this is a big mistake. Doing back exercises is a great way to burn a lot of calories, give you better posture, a toned back, & attain a re-shaped fit body.

It is important to tone & shape your entire body, even your back. You want to look lean and fit walking towards people and also walking from all angles. Exercises that work your back muscles help to keep your spine erect, chest open, & your shoulders pulled back so that you can have good posture & stand straighter. They help to prevent leaning forward and the slouching of your shoulders. This type of bad posture is typical for men who do a lot of chest exercises, women during pregnancy and post pregnancy, working at a desk all day, & as you age.

By adding the pulldown exercise into your workout, you are adding an exercise that is effective at burning a lot of calories while at the same time reshaping you. This is an effective exercise at helping you get to your fitness goals more quickly. Exercises that burn a lot of calories will help you to burn more fat, which will decrease your body fat percentage giving you a lean body. You can't target fat loss, back exercises don't get rid of back fat, but you can do exercises that burn a lot of fat so that you can get rid of the back fat. Let's do some upper body exercises that are going to help you tone up your back & arms, improve your posture, & burn we can get rid of that back fat!

Narrow Pulldowns & Wide Pulldowns
3 set of 15 repetitions

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