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Monday, March 12, 2012

12 Week Sweat Training, Training & Fueling Game Plan. Coach Danielle's Support To Keep You on Track Weeks 7-8

Clothes have emotions, habits, & a lifestyle attached to them. To make room for your new healthy lifestyle, habits, & positive emotions you have to get rid of the old clothes with the unhealthy habits attached to them. Out with the OLD and in with the NEW! When I say out I mean out, gone, no more! I not only want you to get new stuff I want you to physically get rid of everything that is no longer fitting. I don't care if you sell it, store it, give it away to friends/charity, or throw it away......but you have to get it out of you daily apparel & lifestyle! This is a very important step in bringing in NEW healthy habits, a healthy lifestyle, & being able to stick with it for the long term.

Week 7-8 of your 12 week plan are all about the benefits of your consistent commitment to your healthy diet and exercise plan. Since you have been training & eating to change your body, now is the perfect time to see how much progress you have made to kick your motivation and action into high gear for the last 3 weeks of your plan. This is a two pronged attack to staying commited to your new healthy workout and eating habits so you can lose 3 clothes sizes by the end of your 12 week plan.

Workout Apparel
Update your workout apparel! Now that you are in a smaller clothes size go out and get a new pair of workout shoes, workout shorts, sports bra, sports shirt. High positive energy in the gym is very important to keep you training with intensity so that you are continually changing your body in the gym & not just getting a workout in. Updating your workout apparel at intervals when you have begun to make progress will help you to add to the high positive energy in the gym. This high energy will help you make continued progress and commitment to your workout routine.

It's important to purchase workout apparel that is going to make you feel good in the gym & showcase the progress you have made in changing your body. Look for workout apparel that is form fitted and made of synthetic material. All these elements are important to enhance performance, increase motivation, & keep body temperature regulated.

Keep Going & Lose 3 Clothes Sizes!

Since you have been training & eating to change your body you may notice that even your smaller clothes that you haven't fit into for a while, now fit, but they don't fit the same way that they used to. Go out and get a few new items of clothing that are form fitted and make you feel healthy and fit in your daily life. This will help to keep you committed to your healthy eating plan, reinforcing that your actions are yielding progress. At this point you should have lost about 2 clothes sizes from when you started.

Getting rid of old lose clothes and workout apparel is going to reinforce you motivation in both your workout habits and your healthy eating habits. Doing this during week 7-8 when you have lost 2 clothes sizes is integral to staying motivated so you can lose 1 more clothes size by week 12. Your goal is losing 3 clothes sizes by the end of your 12 week plan.

I want you to LOVE your Athlete Lifestyle, Life's a Sport! -Danielle

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