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Monday, April 30, 2012

12 Week Sweat Training, Training & Fueling Game Plan. Coach Danielle's Support To Keep You on Track Weeks 9-12!

The Goal: You should have an increased metabolism, lower body fat percentage, be 2-3 clothes sizes smaller, have a healthier inside, & be leading a fit lifestyle!

Weeks 9-12 
The last 3 weeks of your 12 week diet and exercise plan are the easiest in regards to momentum with all the hard work behind you, but these 3 weeks are so incredibly pivotal to gaining the most change in your body! In 2 months you have gained a lot of progress, but when you keep pushing to the 3 month mark you are able to really gain such a large difference & change in your body.

These 3 weeks will help to make your 12 week diet and exercise plan into a long term fit lifestyle. In the first 9 weeks you learned an entirely new diet & exercise plan, implemented the plan, fine tuned the plan, worked through the roadblocks, & gained rapid results. The last 3 weeks are all about momentum, being in the routine of what you learned & adding to your rapid progress. You no longer have things to learn, now it's about consistency, work, and change. These 3 weeks are necessary to make the gap so large between your body fat & body shape from when you started so that you can continue on with your fit lifestyle & maintain progress for the long term. 

Mental Focus
It's important to keep your mind focused on the goal! Yes you feel better in your clothes, yes you have made progress, but you have to push further to ensure that you will maintain the progress. These 3 weeks are the cushion room that you need so that even when you indulge slightly here and there post plan you will still maintain a large amount of results rather than a small amount of results.

Workout Routine
For the next 3 weeks stick consistently to your 4 times per week high intensity interval training program. Make sure you get to the gym everyday, no excuses, workout intensely while you are there, & you workout for the full hour every time.

Diet Plan
Your metabolism is on fire at this point & you should be hungry all the time. Continue to consistently grocery shop, cook, eat the right portions, & eat on time so that your body continues to burn fat & be fueled for workouts.

Your body has been changing & been under good stress, but it is stress. Ensure that you are sleeping & napping to keep your mental focus, energy level up, & your body progressing. Your body needs recovery to change!

Finish Line of your 12 week Plan
Congratulations you have achieved an amazing goal! You should have an increased metabolism, lower body fat percentage, be 2-3 clothes sizes smaller, have a healthier inside, & be leading a fit lifestyle!

Remember always combine workout, diet, hydration, & recovery together for a complete plan. You don't have to be perfect, just work keep things in balance!

I want you to LOVE your Athlete Lifestyle, Life's a Sport! -Danielle

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