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Monday, August 06, 2012

Mud Run Training!

Mud Runs are the new fun weekend fitness challenge, if you haven't done a mud run yet, YOU HAVE TO DO ONE! My first mud run was the Ohio Muck Ruckus benefiting MS. I'm going to fill you in on the whole experience, how to train for a mud run, & how to be a competitive mud runner. My team was Team TuTu Much Fun, we accomplished every mud challenge wearing our tutus & princess crowns the entire race!

I was picked up that morning by four 30 year old adult princesses, all in pink shirts with their princess names on the back, crowns, & tutus. I felt like I was 5 years old going to a dance recital.....GAME ON! When we arrived we got our numbers pinned & used our pink & black zebra duck tape to wrap up our shoe laces so our shoes stayed tied and on with the weight of the mud. We had our princess camaraderie & fun to take on this physical muddy challenge. Don't let the princess outfits fool you, we were there to challenge ourselves and finish at the front of our heat!

The Mud Run Challenge
This mud run was about 4.5 miles with about 20 challenges along the way. The challenges were the best part!

1.Waterfall to 60ft Length Muddy Ditch Run
2. Swimming Through a Creek
3. Incline/Decline Balance Boards
4. Military Crawl Through Mud
5. Scaling Muddy Hills & Sliding into Water
6. Circus Swings into Water
8. 20 Foot jump into Water
9. Climbing Through Bungee Rope Maze
10. Wading Through Waste Deep Mud
11. Climbing 15ft Rope Net
12. Climbing a 40ft Rope Net

13. The Spinner, Holding onto Rope To Pass Over Muddy Water
14. Climbing over Black Pipes & Through Them
15. Climbing Through a Ropes Obstacle
16. Crossing Over Water on 2 Tight Ropes With Your Hands and Feet
17. Fireman's Pole
18. Up & Over Steeplechase
19. Tire Run
20. Running Over Balance Beams
21. Running Over Teeter Totter Boards
22. Rock Climbing Wall

Training For A Mud Run
If you are training for a Mud Run you want to be athletic, confident in your athleticism, light on your feet, coordinated, strong, flexible, balanced, & have great cardiovascular endurance. The main thing about these races is that your aren't running for long periods you are running for short periods broken up by high intensity athletic challenges. The main goal to prepare is a training plan that is going to burn fat, make you more athletic, & get your heart used to getting up to 85-95% of your heart rate maximum & recovering quickly at a 65% heart rate maximum. Here is how you can train for a mud run!

4 High Intensity Interval Training Sessions per week, 55 minutes in length, Training for 12 weeks.

1. These Workouts Are Going to Combine Resistance Training with Cardiovascular Exercises. 
Do total body training focusing on your large muscle groups: chest, legs, back, & shoulders. The workouts should be nonstop moving from exercise to exercise & taking your heart rate up to 85-95% of your heart rate maximum and then letting it recover to 65% of your heart rate maximum. Your heart rate goes up but doesn't have to stay up it can have brief periods of recovery. Exactly like the mud run, you will do a challenge that will take your heart rate up & then it will recover during your run to the next challenge. These workouts will give you the strength that you need to preform that challenges, cardiovascular endurance, & it is the most  effective at burning fat. If you are 10-20 pounds lighter for the entire challenge, you will be lighter, faster, stronger ....don't forget safer (injury free)!

2. You Want To Incorporate Balance Exercises: Exercises that combine 2 muscle groups. For example: squat overhead military press. This will strengthen your core,  burn more fat, increase your athleticism, & coordination. A lot of the challenges incorporate coordination and balance between your upper and lower body. The more skilled you are at a large variation of exercises that combine upper and lower body exercises the better prepared you will be for a variety of mud run challenges.

3. You Also Want To Incorporate Plyometric/Balance/Speed Exercises: box jumps, sled pushes, squat jumps, burpees, rope work.  The mud run you will be doing very athletic & dynamic moves while wet, muddy, & out of breath. The better your speed, coordination, flexibility, athleticism, & intense cardio training the more ease at which you will accomplish and recover from the challenges. Let us not forget you are doing the mud run to compete and challenge yourself. If you train with speed and intensity you will compete with speed and intensity. Mud Runs are fun and even more fun when you win!

4. You Want To Incorporate Cardio Between The Exercises: sprint work & running drills are great cardio to incorporate between your exercises. This will help you prepare for the running portion of the challenge because it will help your heart recovery quickly after the physical challenge to run quickly to the next challenge. It also prepares your body for the overall format of the mud run which will be the repetition of physical exercise, run, physical exercise, run. Come ready to compete, compete with yourself, your teammates, & other teams!

Race Day Eating & Performance Tips
1. The day before the race make sure to hydrate & eat healthy all day. Your training program the week of the race should be basic, just in place to keep you in shape but not sore & exhausted. You want to be fresh & fit the day of the mud run.
2. The day of the mud run make sure to fuel up before the challenge. A G2 is a great way to hydrate pre race & make sure to eat a healthy meal about 2 hours before your start time. You absolutely need to fuel up because this high intensity/physical challenge will deplete your energy stores quickly. A piece of fruit or a small meal won't fuel you for the entire race. You need to eat a meal with a combination of calories, carb, & protein to be ready to compete for the entire run.
3. I suggest a pre race energy boost of caffeine.
4. During the race focus on keeping you body temperature down at the water stations and water challenges. At the water stations be sure to pour the water on your head and back of your neck. At the water challenges be sure to fully submerge underwater to drop your body temperature quickly.
5. During the challenges push each other physically and support each other verbally through the challenges!
6. During the run portion it is the best time to laugh & high five about the challenge you just did and have fun with your friends!

I want you to LOVE your Athlete Lifestyle, Life's a Sport! -Danielle

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