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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

How To Do A Tough Mudder

Warning Video is Extremely Motivating! Time to Get in the Game! Music by Rob Bailey, Hold Strong

I believe life is a Team Sport! I headed into battle with and amazing team to accomplish a Tough Mudder! Out in the middle of nowhere on a farm in the hills of Kentucky 12 miles, 21 obstacles, & 4.5 hours. It was challenging, fun, tough, & inspiring. Experiencing & accomplishing a goal with an amazing team, in the middle of nowhere makes me feel so Free, Alive, Happy, & Limitless! Time For You To Get In The Game! Here is everything you need to know to get ready for Your Tough Mudder!

Tough Mudder events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. With the most innovative courses, half a million inspiring participants, and more than $3 million raised for the Wounded Warrior Project, Tough Mudder is the premier adventure challenge series in the world.  *







Tough Mudder Kentucky 2012 Course & Obstacles
1. Braveheart Charge
Charge into battle w/ 5,000 other mudders, battle cries essential.
2. Kiss of Mud
Eat dirt as you crawl commando-style under barbed wire set 8 inches from the ground.
3. Mud Mile
Sloshing through a waist deep muddy water.
4. Arctic Enema
First you must bravely jump into Big Mudder's floating iceberg abyss. Once Submerged, find the mental & physical strength to swim through the ice, under a wooden plan & pull yourself out on the other end before you become hypothermic.
3. Berlin Walls #1
Scale 3 12foot wooden walls with help from your teammates or on your own.
5. Dirty Ballerina
Leap with the grace of a black swan over 4 foot wide mud pits.
6. Mud Mile
Trudge through a river of waste deep thick mud.
7. Bale Bonds
Hurl yourself over a giant stack of hay bales.
8. Trench Warfare
Military crawl through narrow, dark, muddy trenches.
9. Fire Walker
Running through a trench of muddy obstacles & water through the blaze of kersone soaked straw.
10. Mud Mile
Scale 4 muddy mounds & through muddy water.
11. Hold Your Wood
Make like a lumberjack & carry a piece of wood as you hike.
12. Log Jammin
Don't bump your head as you navigate over & under a series of log & bar wire.
13. King of The Mountain
Overcome 4 levels of hay bales to claim the mountain.
14. Electric Eel
Slide on your belly through frigid muddy water under a cage of barbwire and electric shocks.
15. Berlin Walls #2
Scale 3 12foot wooden walls with help from your teammates or on your own.
16. Hangin Tough
Swing tarzan style across rings over a pool of frigid water.
17. Walk The Plank
Test your fear of heights with a 15foot jump into freezing cold water.
18. Boa Constrictor
Crawl through a series of pipes that force you into barbwire covered freezing water.
19. Everest
Run, Jump, Climb, & pull yourself to the top of a giant quarter pipe.
20. Funky Monkey
Incline/decline monkey bars that turn as you grab them as you drop and fall into freezing water.
21. Electroshock Therapy
Sprint through a field of live wires, some carrying as much as 10,000 volts. Watch out for hay bales & deep mud as you fall into some electrifying deep mud.

1. Why I Took On The Challenge?
I believe life is a sport, with every sport to get to the goal there will be obstacles to work through. The Tough Mudder pushed me to attain a Higher Level of Physical & Mental Toughness to work through EVERY obstacle to get to the goal of finishing the Entire Challenge. The higher the goal the harder the obstacle, life is a sport..Stay In The Game...Keep Advancing.....Play to WIN!

2. How To Get A Team Together For A Tough Mudder?
I believe Life is a Team Sport! You need a Tough Mudder Team that is physically & mentally tough while also around the same athletic level. This is a team challenge so you need people that are going to be supportive, tough, athletic, fun, & inspiring. You want people who are going to push you through your fears, pace with you, lots of positive energy & talk, always have a hand out to pull you out on the other side, & high five you every step of the way. When you are tired, worn out, weak, & have fear you need TEAMMATES who are going to STAND by YOU, make you feel STRONG, pick YOU UP, GIVE you the TOOLS to overcome, & PUSH you to get through the obstacle TO YOUR GOAL..& You will do the SAME for THEM! I believe as I do in life it's the people who will Sweat with you, going through the obstacles with you...Positively while making it FUN...who Truly Support You, make the Experience Amazing, & HELP YOU to achieve YOUR Highest Levels!!!! Surround yourself with a SweatTeam!!!!

The SweatTeam for this Mudder was two of my Sweat Athletes, Andrea & Jason. I have coached them both for years & we supported, pushed, & stayed positive through this higher level sport experience! Join #TheSweatTeam

3. How To Train For A Tough Mudder?
I did my Sweat Training! I trained 4-5 days a week for 55 minutes of high intensity circuit training that combines strength, cardio, flexibilty, & athleticism. I would do this for 3 months consistently prior to your Tough Mudder date. I didn't go on any long runs. I stayed lean & light with my diet. The lighter you are the easier it will be to accomplish the obstacles & terrain between the obstacles.Join the SweatTeam online or in the gym.

4. Day Before The Tough Mudder Workout & Diet?
A few days before definitely workout, but nothing that is going to leave your sore, the day before NO workout. You want to wake up fresh & ready to go. The day before eat every 3 hours a combination of protein & carbs. You want to hyrdrate at every meal. I recommend a bottled water at every meal or the same amount in a low calorie electrolyte based drink. What happens half way through the course is peoples bodies start to cramp, lock up, & breakdown b/c of poor diet & hydration the day prior. Those are the people who get carted off or have to quite the race even though the are fit enough to finish.

5. Day of Tough Mudder Diet & Hydration?
Eat 3 hours prior, a combo of carbs & protein, hyrdate with a high calorie electrolyte drink. Then eat again a lighter meal about 1 & 1/2 hours prior & hydrate again. 30 minutes before your start time drink a caffeine based pre workout drink. 

6.  What To Wear For A Tough Mudder?
Your clothes should be form fitting, covering, & made of synthetic material. I suggest long tight pants & shirts for men & women. This will increase performance, help pull the water off of your skin, & keep you protected from scrapes, cuts, & bruises. You also want to wear a pair of fingerless gloves to navigate the hazardous terrain of the course. For your shoes you can wear regular gym shoes. What you will need to do is buy duck tape and wrap your shoes around the arch and ankle. This will help prevent rolling with the uneven ground & keep your shoes on your feet in the thick mud. You can also do the 5 finger shoes, they grip well & dry quickly. For warmth & to protect from hypothermia I suggest a knit hat or tough mudder head band. During the water obstacles you can throw it in a ziplock or toss to the side of the obstacle to grab once you've accomplished it.

7. What to Bring With, Tough Mudder Challenge Essentials:
Bring a small bookbag & put everything in zip lock bags because otherwise it will all be soaked.
-Food: The race is long you will need to refuel the bananas at periodic water stations aren't enough. Bring power gels & protein bars. I suggest refueling once evert hour during the race. 
-Clothes: Change of shirt to reheat the body half way through the course, a pair of football gloves for rings & monkey bars
-Extras: saline solution there is a lot of muddy water & dirt that can get stuck in your eyes or contacts.
-Bag With Change of Clothes & Towel: After the Mudder they provide outdoor rinse stations & changing rooms so you can clean up. There is a free bag check when you arrive at the race, so you can easily drop off & pick up after.

8. How To Navigate The Tough Mudder Obstacles:
Close to your Tough Mudder they will post a course map listing all the obstacles. I suggest taking a look at it to help create a team game plan. Every person on your team will have different strengths & will be better to lead the way, stay in the middle, or follow up the rear in the obstacle. The Fun Part is arriving at an obstacle, quickly game planning with your team, tackling the challenge together, & then high fiving after! 

Now... Go Choose A Tough Mudder, Get A Team, & Start Training! The higher the goal the harder the obstacle, Life is a Team Sport..Stay In The Game...Keep Advancing.....Play to WIN!

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"You never see people help each other like this nowadays & this is the one place you can count         on other people to help you out!"  -The Official Kentucky 2012 Tough Mudder Video


I want you to LOVE your Athlete Lifestyle, Life's a Sport! -Danielle

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