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Friday, January 04, 2013

Fitness Goals, Fit Lifestyle, & Fitness Adventures For 2013!

What are your Fitness Goals for 2013, lucky year, lucky #, time to make your own fitness luck! Fitness goals are so important, if you don't have a goal you can't formulate a plan to get to the goal. I love fitness goals!!!! This week in the gym I have been asking all my #SweatAthletes what their goals are for the next 3 months?! Currently I have 2 #SweatAthletes that are running in a Ragnar Relay....200 mile relay race, 12 person team, from Miami to Key West to Kick of The New Year with a Fun Fitness Adventure!

 As a coach I believe that fitness goals should be about a fit lifestyle. My philosophy for TheSweatTeam is train to change your body Monday through Thursday then go out and use your athletic body Friday through Sunday! Have a fun weekend fit lifestyle & set big 3 month fitness adventure goals.

What happens is the fun of the fit lifestyle & enjoying the experience of the fitness adventures helps drive you to train consistently & more intently in the gym. The result of losing fat, toning, getting lean, becoming healthier, losing clothes sizes all happens by default. I love it when my SweatAthletes come in the gym with fitness adventure goals/experiences that inspire myself & their teammates to keep striving higher & higher! I love seeing people accomplish through pure will & determination...doing what they can with what they have at the moment to get to their goal...transforming themselves and their life!

I am a big fan of training like an athlete Monday through Thursday! As an athlete you should be lean, toned, symmetrical, fast, flexible, agile, balanced, coordinated, & constantly improving. All these things help to be injury preventative, have healthy organs, & have strong joints/tendons/ligaments. When you are an athlete you can live a fit lifestyle & challenge yourself with fit adventures with your #SweatTeam.

 I started as an athlete in 89', started coaching in 98', & started my own company in 06' I love being in the gym but to keep myself INSPIRED & CHALLENGED to keep training & improving I set fitness goals!!!

So far my Sweat Fit Lifestyle & Fitness Adventure List is full of great Experiences!
1. Whitewater Rafting in West Virginia
3. Tough Mudder in Mayesville KY
5. Zip Lining above the jungles of Costa Rica
6. Sky Diving
7. Snorkling in the Bahamas
8. Competing in Figure Shows, Ms. Figure & Fitness Olympia Camps
9. 5K & 10K Runs
10. Golfing
13. Indoor Rock Climbing

What I love about Fitness Goals is The Entire Experience! 
Prepare! Perform! Prevail!

1. The healthy diet & challenged fitness routine to prepare!
2. Becoming more athletic!
3. Becoming More Physically & Mentally Tough during the Preparation & Experience!
4. Enjoying the experience of the Fitness Adventure!
5. Accomplishing a Fitness Challenge with my Sweat Team...Life is a Team Sport!
6. The relationships and bonds that are built with my #SweatTeam as you take on a challenge together!
7. After the challenge setting my sights on the next fun fitness adventure with my #SweatTeam!
8. It's the sweat you put into life and those that sweat with you.. that defines you...The Experience is Pure Sweat, Passion, Pain W/ Purpose, & Love!

Currently my next goal for my Sweat Fitness Adventure List is doing a 1/2 marathon on 3.17.13! I have never done a 1/2 before & I am so excited! I have a #SweatTeam of fit men & women who will keep the camaraderie up & make it another memorable experience.

Looking forward I have a lot more adventures that I want to add to my Fitness List:
1. Scuba Diving
2. Climb a Mountain
3. Bungee Jumping
4. Triathlon
5. Iron Woman?!
6. More Mud Runs/Obstacle Courses
7. Survival Obstacles
8. Hiking & Biking in Other Countries
9. Surfing & Paddle Boarding
10. Snowboarding

I would say a big motivator for my #SweatAthletes & myself in the gym is to keep challenging ourselves so that we can share fitness experiences with our families for years to come. Fitness is for all ages & fitness really is the fountain of youth. Sharing a Fit Lifestyle with your family & friends keeps you bonded & growing together for the long term. The plan to get you to that goal is training consistently like an athlete in the gym!

A big goal for me in running this 1/2 marathon in the spring is the fact that I'm doing it with my sisters. One of my sisters has run several 1/2 marathons & a full marathon, so she will be the experienced teammate the day of the race. My other sister used to run cross country as an athlete & loves fitness adventures. I can't wait to experience this challenge with them on the #SweatTeam! Life is a team sport, challenge & support yourself & your teammates. The experience of high fiving each other through obstacles to get to the goal makes you stronger individually & as a team!

I want you to LOVE your Athlete Lifestyle, Life's a Sport! -Danielle

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