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Monday, November 11, 2013

Life is a Sport: 10 Ways To Live Your Athlete Lifestyle!

Life is a sport, train & fuel like an athlete, get in the game & play with passion to WIN!

An Athlete's Life.....

1. Believe in your healthy lifestyle goal, dream, & make it your reality. The great lesson in a sports life is that you can fail, survive, & succeed. Be passionate & get after it!

2. Your current situation is not your permanent situation. Where you are at changes when you decide where you are going.

3. A dream without a plan is just a wish, put together a plan. There is a BIG DIFFERENCE b/w working out & dieting versus Training & Fueling like an athlete: high metabolism, agile, speed, strength, flexible, lean, toned, symmetrical, mentally & physically tough!

4. Invest in your relationship with training & fueling, it is a guaranteed healthy relationship, the more you invest the more you get in return.

5. Be Glass Half Full & Be Tough! Always focus on the positive & strengths while you are doing work to fix the weaknesses. Strength is smiling through the pain!  Negative energy, focusing on the problem, repeating the same bad habits over & over & over is CANCER & DEATH to an athlete's lifestyle.

6. Share your plan with those that support you. Allow them to support your new healthy habits, progress, & results. Invite them to be apart of your new healthy lifestyle...the food, the workouts, the fitness adventures, the finish lines you cross. Be thankful & grateful for their support!

7. When you hit obstacles find ways to work around them, focus on the goal & keep moving forward. If you are tired of STARTING OVER then stop QUITTING!  Never quite, never give up, never give in.

8. If you aren't making progress change yourself, your actions, your mentality, or the plan...don't change the goal.

9. No whining, complaining, or poor me. Kids whine... adults make solutions Happen! Talk about obstacles positively to come up with a plan, then do the work, and create a solution.

10. The last 15 minutes of your workouts are where you have to dig deep, that's the time when 1st and last place is decided. It's the time when those who have planned, committed, sacrificed, trained consistently, arrived on time, prepared, slept, fueled, hydrated, & are mentally tough separate themselves from those who HAVE NOT. It's the 15 minutes that separates those that are going to BUILD & PROGRESS from those who are going to BREAK.  You decide where you place, the mind will give up before the body ever will! Have The Will 2 #Win!

I want you to LOVE your Athlete Lifestyle, Life's a Sport! -Danielle

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