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Friday, March 22, 2013

Running A Half Marathon Has A Healthy Impact On The Family Team

Chase & Hunter, my twin nephews, Hunter wants to be a runner like his Mommy & Aunt Danielle

My Philosophy In Taking on The Challenge of a Half Marathon
1. I believe in personal evolution, ascension, & the healthy impact it has. 
2. Life is a team sport, in a world of challenges teammates take on the challenge with you. This gives you the opportunity to have a healthy impact on each other's lives.

During my half marathon training plan I would show up at my sister Alicia's 1x a week to be greeted by my twin nephews. Chase would make me works of art that I could hang on my fridge, I would play with them, chat with them, & talk to them about Mommy & Aunt Danielle's training plan. They soon were asking me "Did you eat your gu? It gives you energy?" or "Don't forget to hydrate Aunt Danielle." The best was when little Hunter got his fitness gear on & said, "I want to be a runner to." This was a surprising happy & healthy impact on our family team, that filled my heart with love & made me even more inspired to run this half marathon.

Half Marathon Race Day Tips:

1. The week prior to the race workout to stay active, but avoid being sore & pushing your limits.
2. Hydrate & fuel up the day before & the morning of the race. You will be running the race on the fuel & hydration from the day before & morning of.
3. Warm up & stretch prior to the race.
4. Take gu packets with you to refuel at mile 5-6 & mile 9-10. Based on your pace you should use atleast 1 gu packet for each hour running. 
5. Wear form fitting clothes & synthetic material. Take the layers off as you warm up, gloves & a headband are essential for winter time. We were very lucky to have people cheering us on who grabbed our extra layers around mile 8 so that we didn't have to run with the extra weight or carry the extra layers.
6. After the race eat a healthy meal, hydrate the rest of the day. Use a foam roller to roll out the knots & help with recovery.
7. Take the next day off of training to let your body fully recover.

What I Loved About Running The Half Marathon:

1. The snow falling as the start line as the cannon fires.
2. Game day energy.
3. Being removed from modern life to clear my mind & reset my energy.
4. Running along the river in the early morning.
5. I was just as inspired by the talented runners as I was by the physically challenged runners.
6. Dancing while running at the random music spots along the run.
7. The variety of fun running outfits, colors, & t-shirts devoting their runs to lost loved ones.
8. The people we love cheering us on, making signs, running us in, waiting for us at the finish line.
9. Reaching new levels physically & mentally, preparing me better for the sport of life.
10. Pushing my sister to run her first 10K with me 6 years ago, since then her running 10 1/2 marathons on her own & a full marathon, & then teaming back up to run my first 1/2 marathon. Around mile 11-13 I was getting tired & instead of my sister slowing down to my pace, she was my ally in ascension. She reached back grabbed my hand & pulled me up to her pace, "Let's go Danielle we got this!"
11. Throwing my arms up, crossing the finish line, & feeling like a champion.

Don't be fooled it looks like I crossed the finish line first, but my sister runs at a faster pace than me. She knows I'm a sprinter, so she cheered me on as I crossed the finish line. The finish line was a full circle moment, it was about the entire journey & experience sweating together as a team to get there together and being allies in ascension. After the race we talked about the healthy impact running races has on our family team. We hope one day little Chase & Hunter would be running with us & my future little athletes. #HealthyImpact

My Half Marathon Training Plan

I want you to LOVE your Athlete Lifestyle, Life's a Sport! -Danielle

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