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Thursday, May 01, 2014

GamedayThursday! Today Let Your Breath Be Your Soundtrack, Breathe It All in LOVE It All OUT!

Today let your breath be your soundtrack, physically connected to your day. Breath it all in & LOVE it all OUT!

It's the moments that take your breath away & how you manage your breathing that helps you to fully live in the moments of your happy healthy lifestyle. Focusing on your breathing allows you to live a lifestyle that you are physically connected to. You can do this by continually choosing experiences that will take your breath away, learning how to breathe through those experiences & being fully focused on being in the moment. 

1. Breathing Through The Obstacles

When you train like an athlete, you WILL be out of breath. You are putting yourself through a physical obstacle, which results in a very visceral experience. You are sweating, body temperature is rising, your heart rate is pounding, & you start to become breathless. As an athlete your job is to manage the experience of the obstacle, learning to breathe through it, while you are looking deep within to find your inner strength. Smiling & breathing through an obstacle is a sign of strength, positivity, healthy, & happiness.

2. Happy Moments That Take Your Breath Away
The moments that take your breath away are those unexpected surprises, those days you've dreamed about but never thought would happen, or the days when you've worked for years to achieve. These are the moments when you win, your heart is filled with love, & you are inspired by the positivity. Drink in the moment, be present, & enjoy the breathlessness.

3. Sad Moments That Take Your Breath Away
 These are the moments when the unexpected knocks you off your feet, you experience a loss, or your dreams crash. You just fall to your knees on the floor & you can't breathe. Physically all you experience is pain, heart break, & the inability to catch your breath. We all get knocked down, but the goal is to get right back up & focus on moving forward. Once you catch your breath you will have time to gain perspective on the lessons learned. This experience has given you the perspective of what true sadness is, which will allow you to fully appreciate & receive the gift of true happiness. Sometimes we are tested not to show our weaknesses, but to reveal our strength. 

4. Take a Deep Breath
Right before the game starts, a big play, a new challenge, or the most intense part of the workout, what does your coach tell you? "Take a deep breath, calm down, you are going to be okay." With fear & excitement in your heart, you trust & believe them because in that moment they told you exactly what you needed to hear so that you can do what you were meant to do. You take a deep breath & then jump, to experience what it's like to live like a champion. Focus on the goal. 

5. Breathe The Moment In
 In life there are so many great moments to experience & share. Take the time to be in the moment. So often our body is here but our mind is somewhere else. Stop, focus on where you are at & who you are with. Take the time to breathe in the moment & experience the moment. You will give more to the moment & in return will recieve so much more from it. Today is a gift, that's why they call it the PRESENT. It's your choice whether you unwrap the gift or not. Collect moments in life not THINGS! Fall in LOVE with the moments!

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