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Tough Mudder Exceeded Expectations For TOUGH...The Unlisted Obstacle

It's 3am, time to prepare & take The Sweat Solider's inventory for battle at the tough mudder in Mansfield Ohio at 940am. 

Pre Mudder
clothes, water, g2, id, duck tape, pre workout caffeine, scissors, & grocery bags to wrap our socks

During Tough Mudder
energy gu, protein bars, 5 hour energies, saline solution, gloves, hats, headbands, extra dry shirt & hats to battle hypothermia, book bag to carry everything, & zip lock bags to keep clothes & gloves dry

Post Mudder
 Change of clothes, shoes, towels, garbage bags to throw all mudder clothes away

Game day transportation for the 3 hour drive up & back essential for space, comfort, TV. Departed at 530am for the tough mudder.

Jason leading us into battle in the torrential rain, we chatted in the front seat about strategy, the obstacles, & weather while the team in the back got some rest.

Game day travel, conserving energy before we go into war. We arrived at 815am to the mansfield tough mudder parking lot. It was still raining, had been since 530am, windy, & cold. We looked at each other with fear & anxiety, put our game faces on & started collecting our items to be bussed over.

We were thankful to have a parking lot full of tough mudders who weren't going to be scared away by the challenge that the unlisted obstacle...cold, rainy, windy weather had brought. We might have had bad weather, but the bad weather didn't have us.

We arrived to the tough mudder, walking through a forest of spray painted motivational pine trees leading us into battle.

As we hiked, what we were about to face for 10 miles & 22 obstacles started to run through our minds.

1. Kiss of Mud #1
2. Arctic Enema
3. Fire walker
4. Glory Blades
5. Mud Mile #1
6. Electric Eel
7. Trench Warfare
8. Funky Monkey
9. Hold Your Wood
10. Just The Tip
11. Dirty Ballerina
12.Hangin Tough
12. Berlin Walls
13. Island Hopping
14. Wounded Warrior Carry
15. Ladder To Hell
16. Kiss of Mud #2
18. Walk The Plan
19. Boa Constrictor
20. Mud Mile #2
21. Everest
22. Electroshock Therapy

When we arrived the biggest challenge of the day the unlisted obstacle came into play for the game day...the rain, cold, & windy weather. I don't say this to complain I say this to let you know the situation & circumstance that the unlisted obstacle can bring so that you are better prepared. Luckily we were very prepared.

1. The entire spectators area was completely mud, so there were hardly any spectators. We called our families & told them not to come. Those that were there, were losing shoes in the mud or their pants were coated knee to waist high in mud. Remove the element of cheers & family support.

2. As athletes we were preparing in sludge & were going to be unable to shower after the event. After a shower it was a mile hike back to buses through complete sludge. We were going to be changing behind towels in the parking lot.

3. The course was wrecked from the day before of mudders, plus hours of torrential rain. The entire 10 miles had no hard ground, ankle to calf deep 10 miles... mud miles. This lack of foot balance caused massive calf cramping & locking starting at mile 5 through the rest of the course.

4. The Tough Mudder Staff, didn't bring in hay or sand or even reset the course over 10 feet in areas.

5. The obstacles weren't cleaned & reset at all, the lanes that were to dangerous were just closed.

6. Halfway through the course the generators were out of fuel, no music even though the speakers were covered.

7. At the start line the hyp man pep talk wasn't shortened to 5 minutes to take account the fuel, hypothermia, rain, & wind. It was the full 25 minute speech standing still.

8. The ill prepared were dropping like flies & being carted out of the race because the course was much more challenging & took over double to time as it did for the mudders the day before.

Highlight Reel from The Sweat Team's 2013 Mansfield Tough Mudder

1. The arctic enema Jason & Eric went first & stayed on the other side freezing to pull Andrea & I out. The saline solution saved me after this one I had dirt under my contact, rinsed it out kept going. J & E also boosted Andrea & I over the walls or spotted us down. It was a necessity to have two very mentally & physically strong men on our team for the women & for them to have strong support. 

2. Andrea & Eric were able to pace together & Jason & I were able to pace ahead, having a 4 person team made it a lot easier to manage the weather elements versus a 3 or 2 man team. 

3. At the electric eel I saw Jason go ahead of me & get almost knocked out by getting shocked twice in the neck. He went down, but came back up & finished strong. Andrea came back & told me I had no choice that I was doing it. With fear & anxiety I did it & overcame my fears. I was thankful for her pushing me after accomplishing it herself.

4. Andrea & Jason helped us battle off hypothermia with a dry shirt change 1/2 way through the race.

5. We ate every hour, the five hour energies were clutch.

6. The island hoping I was looking forward to with my gymnastics skills. While most were belly flopping across, I stayed upright & used 2 ft long jumps sticking my landings all the way across. Jason was one of few men to get close to finishing the almost impossible monkey bars. Eric flew over the walls, Andrea showed no fear to electric shock. As a team we accomplished all the new obstacles that weren't in the first  tough mudder we had done.

7. A tough mudder was down, left by his team, & everyone was passing him. With just 1 mile left my team stopped to help this wounded warrior. He was blacking in & out, I hiked ahead to get help, my team stayed back & had to hand feed him to get his energy back. The first medic vehicle got stuck & they had to resend another one. Once he was safe it was 30 minutes later & we were almost hypothermic from all the stand still. We put our heads down & moved forward. 

8. Game day travel comfort. Jason's wife & daughters travelled with us. I had trained his wife when she was pregnant, & this little baby athlete was now 7 years old sitting next to me telling me that she wants to do a tough mudder with the team...healthy impact.

9. Being prepared because 3 of our team members had completed the Mayesville Ohio Tough Mudder in 2012.

10.  A mentally & physically tough 4 person team of men & women. We were one of the few complete teams to finish, & two of the few women to finish. Andrea & Jason are both Sweat Training Athletes, Eric is a Mr. Cincinnati Bodybuilding Champion, power lifter, & a light heavyweight Collegiate National Bodybuilding Champion. Complete sweat athlete online training & fueling plan here.

11. Jason's wife Alex brought the kids, had extra towels & water when we returned, helped us re-center, & allowed us to rest while she took on the obstacle of the long drive home since none of us could mentally or physically function. We were thankful to have her as the 5th team member.

12. Eric's hilarious comments from the other mudders: man you can't be on the bus riding over you should be flying there you are a super hero, thanks incredible hulk, this guy up here is wearing a full muscle wait that is really him.

13. Amongst our fear & anxiety heading into the course & the bad weather we finished & saved a wounded warrior along the way. It was the toughest mental & physical 5 hours of my life, not because of the course, but because of the unlisted obstacle the weather..... it felt like we were in a war zone. After finishing that, I can do anything, Tough Mudder exceeded our expectations for Toughness! 

#FINISHEDIT "TM Ohio was one of the MUDDIEST, most BADASS courses we've EVER HAD. Mudders in Mansfield didn't back down, and they earned those headbands. " -TM PS..all that footage was from bright & sunny saturday, definitely not SUNDAY

I want you to LOVE your Athlete Lifestyle, Life's a Sport! -Danielle

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