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Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's Gameday Thursday! Your Mental Motivation Game!

Athlete energy needs to stay high, focused, & positive! STathletes need auditory, visual, & mental motivation fueled to sweat for their goal! Focus on intense, positive energy, & make some foundational changes, today!

Keep your Athlete Energy High & Inspired with Auditory, Visual, & Mental Motivation!

Auditory Motivation

1. Workout Music!

Workout music that's 130 beats per minute is ideal to keep a fast intense pace for your workouts. I love it has 30 minute to 1hour workout mixes all at 130 beats per minute to keep your workout intensity high. It's all free, you can listen online or download.

2. Get Rid of The No Noise!

Get rid of all the distractions & negative energy! Clear it out, focus on the sweat & positivity. EAR MUFFS & HEADPHONES ON! Focusing to much on the negative energy or the applause is a weakness, just focus on the work & the fun in the work. Stay Strong!!

Visual Motivation

1. Game Plan Board!
I think it's great to take a look at your game plan board at least once a day normally in the morning to motivate your day. Make  sure you are looking at your game plan board at least once a week & adding to it once a week. Keep an eye on where you are going. Where you are at changes when you know where you are going. See it, believe it, do it!

Mental Motivation

1. Sport of Life, Make Your Dreams Your Reality!
What I love about sports is the unbelievable happening, dreams becoming a reality! The energy of that is kinetic….it gets moving then... BOOM EXPLOSION & it transfers its energy to everyone watching!  Mentally focus on your unbelievable sports dream becoming a reality, you life is your SPORT! See the way it is going to happen in your mind….win or learn, never lose. Every time you have a loss, adjust your game plan, & keep focusing on the finish line, you will get there! It's only unbelievable until it happens! Love your athlete lifestyle…you can make it happen!

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I want you to LOVE your Athlete Lifestyle, Life's a Sport! 


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