Lauren's Athletic Lifestyle Transformation

I've always thought of myself as a healthy, fairly fit person. While my body wasn't where it used to be in my early 20s I had convinced myself it was "good enough" for many years. I had been active and felt that my body looked as good as it could.

In October 2015 I had my first baby and my body image tanked. My workouts at the big gym weren't cutting it, and I wasn't making time for them regularly which didn't help. I had plateaued in the years leading up to having my son, and I knew I really needed a change after having him. I was ready.

I ran into a friend I've known for years and couldn't believe how fit she was. Her legs were slim and toned and her tummy was perfectly flat. Needless to say... I. Wanted. That! She told me about Sweat Training, and it was a no-brainer I had to give it a try. Coming from larger group classes, I knew I wanted the personal attention I can get from a small group. I loved the idea of training sessions every hour in the morning so I could choose what works for my job and coordinating with my sitter. 

Danielle pushes me out of my comfort zone each session. I continue to run faster and lift more than I think I can. I am surprised by my own athleticism, and I don't think I've ever said that in my life. I love the reward of seeing my body transform due to my own work and SWEAT. 

Being a working mom, the flexibility is key too. Not only can I workout when I want, but I often will just shower and get ready for work at the gym. It's a 'me time' ritual I enjoy very much. 

Most of all, I am so excited to find a workout that gets the results I truly want. I started with Danielle three months post pregnancy and am already happy with my progress after just four months of training. I set out to get my pre-pregnancy weight and I am pleasantly surprised to be below that already. The maternity clothes are long gone for now and I'm happily on the market for some form- fitting shirts and skinnier jeans. YAY. 

My husband joined Sweat with me as well which I highly recommend for couples. The structured workouts have made us both stronger, healthier and better rounded as a family. We're improving together, and trust me, the extra energy is needed to keep up with our little guy. 

Group Personal Training 2x per week, Boot Camp 1x per week