Sweat Transformation: Nicole & Emily

" Before I started Sweat Training, throughout my high school & college years, for almost a decade I was a gymnastics coach at The Largest Kids Sports Center in the nation. I was a Head Coach there, and almost 20 years ago Nicole & Emily were gymnasts on my team. Now, they are staff at Sweat Training transforming their daily lifestyles, and leading clients in achieving their goals with the same plan. Gymnasts are built & trained for speed, power, beauty, discipline, mental toughness, and winning at the top level as a team & as individuals. I couldn't be more happy for & proud of them as women. "

 - Danielle Korb

Growing up I was always fit and active. I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years with an intense training schedule that kept me in top shape with Danielle as my coach in my earlier years. When I had to quit gymnastics, I kept up an athletic lifestyle by playing tennis and water polo for my high school team.

College is where my athletic lifestyle slowly started going downhill. I stopped working out, stopped playing sports, and started eating so unhealthy. I hated going to the rec center at my school because it was always so crowded, the workout classes were always super full and there was no one to keep me accountable for my workouts. I wasn’t confident in myself and had no motivation. It was really difficult for me to go from being so active to lacking the confidence to get in to the gym.

One summer while I was home from college for break, my mom told me to try out my old gymnastics coach’s gym, so I came in and tried Danielle’s boot camp class. I LOVED it. Danielle and the trainers were so welcoming and motivating. The class size was perfect because it gave me the feeling of being back on a team with a personal attention of a coach helping me out with form and pushing me. The classes were always changing and always challenging. I loved it so much that when Danielle offered me a job, I was ecstatic. I was more confident in myself, and was able to help motivate others. I was able to work as a boot camp instructor while I was home for winter break and got in better shape, but when I went back to school it became hard to keep up with my workouts being an hour away at Miami University.

After I graduated college, I turned it all around. I graduated in May and started working for Danielle again a couple months later. I was doing boot camp classes a couple times a week, was trained/certified as a personal trainer, and started eating healthier. I had regained a lot of my confidence working under Danielle, but I wasn’t seeing as much improvement in my body as I wanted.

January was when things started really coming together for me. I started doing Group Training 2x a week and then boot camp 3-4 times a week along with cutting out foods that I didn’t even know weren’t good for me, like hummus. Within 2 months of doing this schedule consistently and being on a healthier eating plan, I have gotten so much stronger, gone down a pant size, and lost 15 pounds. Danielle has given me the confidence to sign up for my first Spartan Race!

Working here at Sweat with my sister has not only helped us get back on track to a healthier lifestyle and regain the confidence we lost during college, but it has also helped us grow closer together. Our mom is working out with Danielle as well and it has brought us all closer together as a fit team.  We also get to help Sweat Clients get to their goals on the same plan that we use to get to our fitness goals.

When I was little, I was always busy doing something with sports.  I was on a competitive swim team starting at the age of five, I played soccer being coached by my dad, and I was a gymnast.  Once I reached the competitive level of gymnastics, that’s where I focused my sport and training under Danielle. It taught me so much about time management, drive, but also the determination and motivation it takes to stay up to par with my competitors.  After gymnastics I found my passion of singing and performing.  Though I kept an athletic lifestyle playing a little bit of tennis, most of my time was centered on training my voice and dance keeping me in shape but also pursuing my passion.  I also trained with Danielle throughout high school a little bit at her first gym.

Starting college, I decided to stray away from musical theatre and performing.   I couldn’t remember a time when I wasn’t singing and decided to take a break from it all and focus on my education. This is where I started to fall off the bandwagon.  I stopped taking care of myself, I barely made it to the gym, I ate poorly and I slowly continued to lack more and more confidence.  Every summer I came home during the college years, I came to Danielle’s bootcamps, especially when Nicole started working at Sweat Training while she finished her degree. I absolutely loved it.  The classes were always changing and challenging, I felt like I had the attention I needed from the trainer but I had buddies to workout with, and I just loved the feeling of being on a winning team again. I was never able to find something like it at school. I hated the oversized classes, the overcrowded rec center, and it just wasn’t fun like it was at Sweat. It all just lacked a personal accountability that I needed in order to continue to improve.

Moving back home after I graduated and starting to work at Sweat Training is probably the best thing that could have happened to me. Once I started working on a regular basis and got into a groove of the bootcamp teaching schedule I have made so much progress in my physical self, especially within the past two months.  I started eating healthy, working out three to four times a week, and I started training/certified as a personal trainer.  I was on a winning team again and I was investing in myself especially over these past two months.  So far I have lost over 25 pounds, I’ve dropped down two dress sizes, I can’t wait to see how much more progress I can make leading up to this summer.

Sweat training not only helped me learn how to invest in myself, take care of my body, and lead an active lifestyle.  But it also helped bring my family closer together.  My mom and sister both train here, my sister and I are as close as we’ve ever been, and we all get work out together, improving as a team.  

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