Monday, September 10, 2012

Love is Diet & Exercise Motivation

Love your fit lifestyle! Music, food, art, sports, & fitness inspire and bring people together. I think the common thread of all those things is love, love makes the world go round! Loving the places you are at, the people you are with, & the things that you are experiencing. Love is passion & passion can fuel your motivation for a diet & exercise plan.

When you love something, you want to have it in your life. I believe that motivation for a diet and exercise plan can come from the heart. Love can make you work through any roadblock to get to your goal. The love is the intention, but like all great intentions you have to have action & follow through to get to your goal.

For many years I have helped people to reach their diet & fitness goals to attain the fit lifestyle they desire for the long term. I want to help you live and love your fit lifestyle!!!

Diet & Exercise Motivation, Tips For A Successful Diet & Exercise Plan!
1. Love Your Fit Lifestyle!
You have to be passionate about your goal, passion fuels desire & action. If you aren't passionate about your goal, you have no motivation to take action. Your goal may even continously change over time, which is normal. For some people it is 3 month goals & for others it's long term goals. Keep adjusting and updating your goals so that you keep fueling your love for your diet and exercise plan.

2. You Have To Put The Right Plan In Place To Get To Your Goal!
There is a big difference between eating healthy & working out and a diet & exercise plan to get lean and toned. Don't waste your time, always make progress, & keep progressing. Make sure you use an effective, healthy, & long term diet and exercise plan to burn fat and get in shape!

3. Great Intentions Have To Be Met With Action...Success is Covered in Sweat!
You can have fuel in the car, but it won't go until you put your foot on the pedal! You have the passion, the goal, & the tools/resources...but now you have to take action because success is covered in sweat! You are going to make mistakes & have roadblocks but the love/passion for your goal will motivate you to keep problem solving, adjusting, challenging yourself, & having fun. Fitness is challenging & fun so keep taking action and Sweat Everyday!

4. Be Consistent With Your Diet & Exercise Plan!
Not every workout is going to be super intense, but a medium to low intensity workout is better than no workout. Training is cyclical, you will have periods of maintaining & progress. Adjust your training program intensity to your goals and lifestyle, but don't ever stop working out for weeks or months. My clients that make the most progress & long term success always make it to their training appointments. If they can't be there they reschedule, & during stressful times in life we back things down. Be consistent and you will reach your diet & exercise goals.... Love Your Fit Lifestyle!

I want you to LOVE your Athlete Lifestyle, Life's a Sport! -Danielle

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