Blake Maislin


Danielle and Sweat Training works. I started with sweat training a little over three years ago and have seen lasting and significant results. So much so that I insisted my 16 year old son start training this past year. He now is also hooked. He trains four days per week.  He plays H.S. sports and some of his program is dedicated to his specific needs.  You can see the results in his play and he looks like a beast.

These "workouts," however, really are more than just physical. Over time, both my son and I transformed.  You dont see it while its happening because it feels natural.  Our eating habits, sleeping habits and positive thinking became second nature over time.  We are happier because we feel strong, but also because we learned how to take care of our health and our thinking.

I give Danielle and sweat training 5 stars, the highest marks, 100%.  I have been athletic my entire life. I was a trainer myself (25 years ago).  This program is the next level.  It is personalized, very doable and totally sustainable.

I rarely give reviews.  I must believe.  I believe.  Anyone call me personally with any questions. Anytime. Thanks Danielle for everything still.