Bryan Devendorf, Drummer The National

"Workouts with Danielle are incredibly challenging and seriously fun -- just the right thing to rehab my back and prepare for the intense activity of playing live drums."
 -Bryan Devendorf, The National 

"It's been great to get Bryan ready for his 2 year Global Tour, and to continue doing so throughout the tour."
 -Danielle Korb

Sweat Transformation: Lindsey

5 months ago I was staring “40” in the face and ready to try and reclaim my old self back after having three kids. I love to run and after having my first daughter and even my second, running was enough for me to feel okay with my body shape. After the third baby, coupled with age, running no longer did much for my overall body shape. I needed to mix up my routine a bit. I knew I wanted to incorporate weights along with cardio. Since running can be done with a kid or 2 in tow, I also knew I needed to come up with a little over an hour a day, to complete a workout, where I was kid free.

At first, I tried some classes at big gyms and shoved my crying kid in a dirty kid’s club while I jumped around in a crowded room with tons of ladies. I quickly figured out that that was not the answer. Not only was I stressed about leaving my baby while he was clearly unhappy, I wasn’t getting anything out of the large classes. I would leave each class feeling more defeated than when I entered. I needed one on one instruction by a qualified trainer who could tell me exactly what to do to achieve results.
After looking at Danielle’s website and reading reviews, Sweat Training sounded exactly like what I was looking for. My first visit I took and boot camp class. I was amazed at how much I could sweat in such a short amount of time! I was still looking for a longer, more intense workout so I tried the group training. It was perfect! I made a commitment to come in at 6:00 a.m., while my family was still sleeping and start my day off right.

 I feel like I have a personal trainer even when there are up to 3 additional people in the gym with me. After each class, I am out of breath, challenged and my body feels like it has really accomplished something. Most importantly, I feel like I am making the most of the hour that I have to myself, and not wasting one second of it!

I continue to take 3 group training classes a week and try to mix in some boot camps as well. Danielle has given me a lot of attention and is extremely patient and works really hard with me. She’s gotten me to a point where I am more comfortable with trading my “mom” t-shirts out for cute workout gear! Overall, I am a happier person, have more patience with my kids and husband and feel healthier because I am doing something that is not only great now, but will have a lasting effect!

Rian's Boot Camp Transformation Story

Throughout my early adult years, staying in shape was never an issue due to participating in collegiate soccer. It's easy to stay strong and toned when you are working out twice a day, and have games on the weekends.

Following college, a big move and new career took priority over my health, and it was difficult to get back in shape after a five year pause in consistent training. It's easy to lose focus and not see how your body is affected when you're so used to seeing yourself every day. I think my first rude awakening was seeing a picture and hardly recognizing myself. I knew I had to make some lifestyle changes, and it was going to be a tough road ahead. 

When moving back to Cincinnati, I tried a bunch of different workouts with my friends or by myself, and all of it was just ok. Nothing really motivated me or got me excited for a workout. In summer 2016, one of my friends introduced me to Sweat, and I immediately saw connections between their training and the training I had done for soccer my entire life. The class size was perfect, and I felt like I was getting the same level of attention as I was with my college trainers. Danielle and the trainers are great motivators, and they seriously know their stuff.

I started another new job that summer, and wasn't coming as consistently as I planned. This past winter, I started the 12 month unlimited plan, and began training 5-6 days a week starting in February. My trainers continuously encouraged me to keep coming back more than just a couple days a week, and I am so glad that they did. I am so much stronger than I was four months ago. It's pretty crazy to think how incredible of a workout this is for just 30 minutes a day.

Aside from the fact that I've lost 12 lbs. in the past 3-4 months, I feel stronger, happier, and more confident than I've felt in a while. I am getting tons of compliments from my friends and family, and it's a great feeling. I'm to the point now where I look forward to working out every morning at Sweat, and I'm excited about what's to come! 

Lauren's Athletic Lifestyle Transformation

I've always thought of myself as a healthy, fairly fit person. While my body wasn't where it used to be in my early 20s I had convinced myself it was "good enough" for many years. I had been active and felt that my body looked as good as it could.

In October 2015 I had my first baby and my body image tanked. My workouts at the big gym weren't cutting it, and I wasn't making time for them regularly which didn't help. I had plateaued in the years leading up to having my son, and I knew I really needed a change after having him. I was ready.

I ran into a friend I've known for years and couldn't believe how fit she was. Her legs were slim and toned and her tummy was perfectly flat. Needless to say... I. Wanted. That! She told me about Sweat Training, and it was a no-brainer I had to give it a try. Coming from larger group classes, I knew I wanted the personal attention I can get from a small group. I loved the idea of training sessions every hour in the morning so I could choose what works for my job and coordinating with my sitter. 

Danielle pushes me out of my comfort zone each session. I continue to run faster and lift more than I think I can. I am surprised by my own athleticism, and I don't think I've ever said that in my life. I love the reward of seeing my body transform due to my own work and SWEAT. 

Being a working mom, the flexibility is key too. Not only can I workout when I want, but I often will just shower and get ready for work at the gym. It's a 'me time' ritual I enjoy very much. 

Most of all, I am so excited to find a workout that gets the results I truly want. I started with Danielle three months post pregnancy and am already happy with my progress after just four months of training. I set out to get my pre-pregnancy weight and I am pleasantly surprised to be below that already. The maternity clothes are long gone for now and I'm happily on the market for some form- fitting shirts and skinnier jeans. YAY. 

My husband joined Sweat with me as well which I highly recommend for couples. The structured workouts have made us both stronger, healthier and better rounded as a family. We're improving together, and trust me, the extra energy is needed to keep up with our little guy. 

Group Personal Training 2x per week, Boot Camp 1x per week

Beth's Athletic Lifestyle Transformation

Our family is VERY athletic, so a lot of value is placed on staying in shape.  Unfortunately, over the last ten years I was the exception to the rule.  I traveled constantly for business and between working long hours, business dinners, and raising a family, I didn't succeed with my fitness goals.  I have always been a runner, but was plagued with recurring injuries.  When I retired from the corporate rat-race in January, I decided it was time to change my priorities. Thanks to my daughter-in-law recommending Danielle Korb and Sweat Training, I have really changed my life!

I had heard that strength training was important, but didn't know how to start. So I just did cardio when I could and was frustrated with my injuries and lack of progress.  Danielle has taken this gym-novice and trained me how to construct an effective workout.  She analyzed my weaknesses that led to my injuries and has gradually strengthened these areas so I can continue to progress.  I could never have learned this on my own, or worked out as hard.  The positive reinforcement you get from your workout buddies really helps, too.

You would think I would sleep late after 35 years of early deadlines, but I eagerly set my alarm to eat on schedule prior to my workouts.  I follow Danielle's nutrition plan and have achieved great results.  I have dropped three dress sizes and feel fantastic!  My family is so proud of me!

Beth's Plan:

Group Personal Training 3x per week
Boot Camp 1x per week
Nutrition Plan

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Sam's Athletic Lifestyle Transformation

"This was written 8 months into Sam's training plan, she is now close to 3 years on her plan. Sam has kept, and now improved upon her results staying lean and even more toned. She's been able to do this because she has no quit in her. She never took a break and only missed for work, vacation, or illness. This is not easy to do at all, but she knows how to sweat, work, focus, and have FUN in her workouts as a lifestyle. 

Making it a lifestyle has been attributed to her ability to adjust & plan her workout schedule based on her body's or lifestyle's changing needs. Whether it's needing more recovery time, travel for business, tennis schedule, vacations, or extra time after workouts to stretch. Sam quickly adjusts and changes her workout schedule to set herself up for success.

She currently mixes her workouts in with her tennis, and it isn't uncommon for her to arrive from tennis to shower, change, and start boot camp. She knows that her sweat training plan has been the foundation to changing the way she looks, and has only furthered her abilities on the court and as an athlete in the sport of life. Sam has no quit, is all sweat, and is setup to win now and in the long term because at Sweat we win together."

                                                       -Danielle Korb

I was always athletic and in pretty good shape. I ran half marathons, played sports, but no matter how much cardio training I did I wasn't ever getting the results I wanted. After 8 months of training with Danielle and following her nutrition plan I lost 10.8% body fat, 6.5 inches and 6 pounds. There is no way I could have achieved this on my own. I would recommend Danielle and Sweat Training to anyone looking to reach their fitness goals.

Sam's Training Plan:
Group Training 1x per week
Boot Camp 2x per week
Nutrition Plan