Rian's Boot Camp Transformation Story

Throughout my early adult years, staying in shape was never an issue due to participating in collegiate soccer. It's easy to stay strong and toned when you are working out twice a day, and have games on the weekends.

Following college, a big move and new career took priority over my health, and it was difficult to get back in shape after a five year pause in consistent training. It's easy to lose focus and not see how your body is affected when you're so used to seeing yourself every day. I think my first rude awakening was seeing a picture and hardly recognizing myself. I knew I had to make some lifestyle changes, and it was going to be a tough road ahead. 

When moving back to Cincinnati, I tried a bunch of different workouts with my friends or by myself, and all of it was just ok. Nothing really motivated me or got me excited for a workout. In summer 2016, one of my friends introduced me to Sweat, and I immediately saw connections between their training and the training I had done for soccer my entire life. The class size was perfect, and I felt like I was getting the same level of attention as I was with my college trainers. Danielle and Suzi are great motivators, and they seriously know their stuff.

I started another new job that summer, and wasn't coming as consistently as I planned. This past winter, I started the 12 month unlimited plan, and began training 5-6 days a week starting in February. My trainers Suzi and Danielle continuously encouraged me to keep coming back more than just a couple days a week, and I am so glad that they did. I am so much stronger than I was four months ago. It's pretty crazy to think how incredible of a workout this is for just 30 minutes a day.

Aside from the fact that I've lost 12 lbs. in the past 3-4 months, I feel stronger, happier, and more confident than I've felt in a while. I am getting tons of compliments from my friends and family, and it's a great feeling. I'm to the point now where I look forward to working out every morning at Sweat, and I'm excited about what's to come! 

Beth's Athletic Lifestyle Transformation

Our family is VERY athletic, so a lot of value is placed on staying in shape.  Unfortunately, over the last ten years I was the exception to the rule.  I traveled constantly for business and between working long hours, business dinners, and raising a family, I didn't succeed with my fitness goals.  I have always been a runner, but was plagued with recurring injuries.  When I retired from the corporate rat-race in January, I decided it was time to change my priorities. Thanks to my daughter-in-law recommending Danielle Korb and Sweat Training, I have really changed my life!

I had heard that strength training was important, but didn't know how to start. So I just did cardio when I could and was frustrated with my injuries and lack of progress.  Danielle has taken this gym-novice and trained me how to construct an effective workout.  She analyzed my weaknesses that led to my injuries and has gradually strengthened these areas so I can continue to progress.  I could never have learned this on my own, or worked out as hard.  The positive reinforcement you get from your workout buddies really helps, too.

You would think I would sleep late after 35 years of early deadlines, but I eagerly set my alarm to eat on schedule prior to my workouts.  I follow Danielle's nutrition plan and have achieved great results.  I have dropped three dress sizes and feel fantastic!  My family is so proud of me!

Beth's Plan:

Group Personal Training 3x per week
Boot Camp 1x per week
Nutrition Plan

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Jason's Athletic Lifestyle Transformation

"Jason is now almost 2 years into his 2 times per week training. He is still improving with a winning work ethic consistently moving him forward. He just recently added an additional workout to his plan, 3 group training workouts per week for 3 months, which has again drastically changed his appearance. Jason is living the athletic lifestyle as he consistently shows up focusing on the work and the positive during his workouts. He has the winning momentum and mentality to completely & consistently improve his athleticism and athletic lifestyle."                                         
                                                                                   - Danielle Korb 

“I’ll start working out tomorrow” had become my mantra for too many years.  There always seemed to be something more pressing each day I intended to start getting back in shape.  However, in the spring of 2014 time started to catch up with me quickly.  I began to experience health issues which stemmed from a few causes – one being lack of exercise and poor diet.

Between having a beautiful young family (my wife and our four children under 7 years old), a demanding job and all of the other commitments in life, working out seemed almost impossible.  I needed to find someone who understood what I was looking for – physical fitness and healthy eating are an important part of my life; but not my entire life.

Then I was introduced to Danielle at Sweat Training.  The program is tailored to meet needs of busy professionals with busy personal lives as well.  I signed on for two one-hour training sessions each week for one year.  It is perfect.  I always look forward to my training sessions and how amazing I feel afterward.  Coupled with a healthy diet and individual cardio workouts twice a week, I feel as if I have been transformed into a new person. 

Everything from my energy level, sleeping habits and confidence has improved.  For me it is not about losing weight by rather feeling great.  In the past six months of working out, I have not weighed myself once.  My physical appearance has changed so drastically that people are not even recognizing me at first glance.

The best part is that I have only begun this journey.  I am confident with the Sweat Training program that I will be able to sustain this lifestyle and have it form into life long habits.  Sweat Training is realistic enough to know that there are days where I am not going to be performing at 100%, and that is OK.  The important part is to continue moving forward.

Jason's Training Plan:
Group Training 2x per week

Sam's Athletic Lifestyle Transformation

"This was written 8 months into Sam's training plan, she is now close to 3 years on her plan. Sam has kept, and now improved upon her results staying lean and even more toned. She's been able to do this because she has no quit in her. She never took a break and only missed for work, vacation, or illness. This is not easy to do at all, but she knows how to sweat, work, focus, and have FUN in her workouts as a lifestyle. 

Making it a lifestyle has been attributed to her ability to adjust & plan her workout schedule based on her body's or lifestyle's changing needs. Whether it's needing more recovery time, travel for business, tennis schedule, vacations, or extra time after workouts to stretch. Sam quickly adjusts and changes her workout schedule to set herself up for success.

She currently mixes her workouts in with her tennis, and it isn't uncommon for her to arrive from tennis to shower, change, and start boot camp. She knows that her sweat training plan has been the foundation to changing the way she looks, and has only furthered her abilities on the court and as an athlete in the sport of life. Sam has no quit, is all sweat, and is setup to win now and in the long term because at Sweat we win together."

                                                       -Danielle Korb

I was always athletic and in pretty good shape. I ran half marathons, played sports, but no matter how much cardio training I did I wasn't ever getting the results I wanted. After 8 months of training with Danielle and following her nutrition plan I lost 10.8% body fat, 6.5 inches and 6 pounds. There is no way I could have achieved this on my own. I would recommend Danielle and Sweat Training to anyone looking to reach their fitness goals.

Sam's Training Plan:
Group Training 1x per week
Boot Camp 2x per week
Nutrition Plan