Jason & Heather's Athletic Family Transformation

Jason & Heather's Family 

Heather's Athletic Transformation

Working out & athletics have always been part of my life. Some might say I'm competitive... I would say, I want to do whatever I'm doing well! 
Before I was married, I spent a lot of time on myself. Once I married my wonderful husband, we started a family right away and it became about everyone else.

We belonged to the big gym. I took classes that fit into my schedule & it was very status quo. I wasn't pushed to my limits and I definitely was not getting the results that I was hoping for. Then a friend introduced me to Sweat Training & I immediately felt the competitive athlete come out in me again. 

Danielle is the coach that pushes me the way I need to be pushed & I have quickly seen the results I've been hoping for after 3 children. My husband also started training with Sweat Training at the same time & while we don't have the same time slot, we feel like we are in this together.

A healthy lifestyle is very important to us as a family. Sweat has made a change not just in our bodies, but in our family as well. We are a happier, healthier family when we sweat together.

Jason playing golf in California
Jason's Athletic Transformation

For most of my adult life, I have had a pretty athletic lifestyle.  In November of 2013, I was doing a popular, heavy weight lifting & cross training program and herniated two disks in my lower back.  After seeing a number of back surgeons & specialists, cortisone injections and six months of physical therapy, my back and leg pain were gone.  Unfortunately though, I was in poor physical condition & had no real direction on how to put together a workout that would get me back in shape without re-injuring my back.  I tried on my own for a while with limited success.

I found Danielle Korb & Sweat Training about six months ago.  She tailored a program that first got my core strong & stable, and has since worked with me to get back in to really great shape.  Physically I look great, but more importantly I feel great and my back is stronger that it may have ever been.

As an avid golfer, I can tell that my flexibility has improved and I've gotten longer off the tee.  I look forward to seeing my progress over the next year.

Jason playing golf in California

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Jason's Athletic Lifestyle Transformation

“I’ll start working out tomorrow” had become my mantra for too many years.  There always seemed to be something more pressing each day I intended to start getting back in shape.  However, in the spring of 2014 time started to catch up with me quickly.  I began to experience health issues which stemmed from a few causes – one being lack of exercise and poor diet.

Between having a beautiful young family (my wife and our four children under 7 years old), a demanding job and all of the other commitments in life, working out seemed almost impossible.  I needed to find someone who understood what I was looking for – physical fitness and healthy eating are an important part of my life; but not my entire life.

Then I was introduced to Danielle at Sweat Training.  The program is tailored to meet needs of busy professionals with busy personal lives as well.  I signed on for two one-hour training sessions each week for one year.  It is perfect.  I always look forward to my training sessions and how amazing I feel afterward.  Coupled with a healthy diet and individual cardio workouts twice a week, I feel as if I have been transformed into a new person. 

Everything from my energy level, sleeping habits and confidence has improved.  For me it is not about losing weight by rather feeling great.  In the past six months of working out, I have not weighed myself once.  My physical appearance has changed so drastically that people are not even recognizing me at first glance.

The best part is that I have only begun this journey.  I am confident with the Sweat Training program that I will be able to sustain this lifestyle and have it form into life long habits.  Sweat Training is realistic enough to know that there are days where I am not going to be performing at 100%, and that is OK.  The important part is to continue moving forward.

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Sam's Athletic Lifestyle Transformation

I was always athletic and in pretty good shape. I ran half marathons, played sports, but no matter how much cardio training I did I wasn’t ever getting the results I wanted. After 8 months of training with Danielle and following her nutrition plan I lost 10.8% body fat, 6.5 inches and 6 pounds. There is no way I could have achieved this on my own. I would recommend Danielle and Sweat Training to anyone looking to reach their fitness goals.

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Abby's Athletic Lifestyle Transformation.

Abby was in the gym all growing up…dance, gymnastics, & cheerleading. Her weight got away from her when she left her athlete lifestyle & transitioned to her career lifestyle. Abby decided to step up to the challenge she was faced with, refocus her motivation, & move forward with a healthy long term lifestyle. 

I grew up in a small town south of Canton, OH. I was always very active as a gymnast, dancer and competitive cheerleader. I pretty much spent my entire childhood in the gym and continued as I went on to college. I have always struggled with my weight. Although my habits didn't change often, my weight would yo yo without me even realizing. Even as I looked through old photos to find “before” and “after”, it was apparent that I gained and lost weight all throughout my life. After I graduated college and my regular workouts, dance and cheerleading stopped, I gained weight and it really never came off.

I had just moved to Cincinnati a few months prior when I started looking into a trainer. I was going to the gym everyday, yet I wasnt feeling stronger, nor was I losing weight. I knew i needed some help to get back on track. I work at Kroger and essentially eating is part of my everyday job. It makes it challenging to get on a diet and stay focused. I actually went to my first session with Danielle in December, yet didn't start with her until Memorial Day. I wasn't ready to commit my money or time. As my weight continued to climb and I continued to feel uncomfortable, I decided to take the plunge. I knew if I was going to do it right, I needed to do nutrition and workouts to jump start my plan. Luckily my family was able to support and help me with the investment into myself.

My goal was to lose 10% body fat in 12 weeks, and just to feel more comfortable and have more energy. My clothes were fitting tightly and I was just need happy.

I just googled Cincinnati training. Location was important to me so I had no excuse. Sweat happened to be just around the corner from both my house and my work and had great reviews. After meeting Danielle, I knew she would keep me motivated through the journey.

It was not easy. I travel for work which made it even harder. I got in a routine. I use the app Pact which allows you to set your gym goals and charges you for every day you do not meet your goal. Once the body fat started 

I had one week where I lost nothing, and one week where I even gained 2% body fat back in a week. Those two weeks I was traveling a lot and not getting in enough gym time. I also wasn't following my meal rules as closely as I should. I was disappointed in myself and it was an eye opener. I had to kick it into gear if I wanted to make my end goal.

I am sticking to my meal and exercise plan. It is a lifestyle. It is something I am going to have to work at everyday. I know how hard it is to get down. I look forward to being at my goal size and being able just to maintain. I am mixing in new activities like hot yoga, hikes and outdoor bootcamps to keep my workouts interesting. I try to do the same workouts on my own that I do in my sessions with Danielle.  There were so many times that by the time work was over I had made excuses why I didn't need to go to the gym, so I decided to change them to morning workouts. I get up at 5:00AM and am in the gym from 5:30-6:30AM. For me, I prefer to get my workouts over. I listen to my body. If I'm not feeling it that day, I slow down the pace. Throughout the day, I try to take breaks to move and don't let myself just sit at my desk all day anymore. 

I like that I know when I go into the gym what I need to do to get finished. I do my circuits and run my sprints and in less than an hour, I am finished for the day. If i am feeling extra motivated, after work I try to either walk or do yoga or something active and fun.

Although I work in food, I am no cook. I also am time crunched as I work long hours and am involved with other organizations. I knew I needed to make it as easy as possible. I decided to try crock-potting. I throw my turkey or chicken in the crock-pot with different spices. One of my favorites is chicken or turkey, a packet of low sodium taco seasoning (Kroger brand of course) and a can of crushed tomatoes with jalapeno peppers. I then would shred the chicken over Jasmine Rice for my very own burrito bowl. Crock-potting made it simple for me to prepare and weigh my meals and then they were ready for the week.

It has taught me how to lose weight in a sustainable way and how to eat in order to lose weight and keep it off. I look at food completely differently now. Before, eating was a hobby. I still love trying new foods and restaurants. But now, I treat myself and I know how to order and what to eat. I see food as fuel and not as entertainment.

If you are thinking about changing your lifestyle...Do it! You can continue to make excuses like money, time, energy, aches and pains,etc. You will always think of reasons why you shouldn't do it. But the truth is, the sooner you do it, the easier it will be to reach your goal. I spend money on vacations, clothes, education, yet was unsure if I could/ wanted to spend the money on another gym, another diet, another scheme. Sweat training and the fueling plan was the best investment in myself that I have ever made. I am a happier and more energetic person.

I want to continue to lose body fat and tone up. I would like to lose 10 more percent body fat. This is a lifestyle for me so the journey will never be “finished”. I want to be healthy and be able to maintain it.

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Jason's Athletic Lifestyle Transformation.

Jason is an accomplished business man, husband, father, & sweat training athlete. Learn about the moment that changed his mentality, his new lifestyle as a sweat training athlete, & how his healthy lifestyle of always pushing himself to the next level transcends to a higher level of excellence in the rest of his life. Jason exemplifies excellence, the ability to start & finish strong, achieving high levels over & over again.

Who I am and what I achieved is the result of having an understanding of what "success" means to me, a set of clear goals that will help me attain that vision and surrounding myself with people who challenge me to always be a better version of myself.

This journey, like most, has periods of perfection, setbacks and failure.  What is most important is that at each point you take a moment to understand what attributed to that period so the lesson is not lost.

Before you can be anything to anyone you first need to be someone to yourself and that someone must have strength in mind, body and spirit. Attaining the best version of self allows me to be a better husband, father and professional.

This has not always been a philosophy that I embraced, but has recently (past 2 years) become a disciplined practice in my daily choices.

In 2009 I participated in the employee health screen.  The result of my employee health screen was alarming.  It had indicated multiple factors that placed me at "high risk" for a significant health event within the next 5 years.  At first, I rationalized the results from the health screen and classified my own well being as moderately healthy.  After all, age was on my side.

 The realization that my current state was an indicator of future health became my "case for change".  On November 7, 2009 I stepped on the scale to establish my baseline and began my weekly accountability measure.  On that day I weighed 260 lbs.

I proceeded to identify certain aspects of my day as a choice in the investment that I could make in my future.  When was the last time you considered your health as being a critical factor to what your needs would be in planning for the future?  I would challenge us to look at our daily choices as a personal investment to our future well being and our current ability to serve at our greatest potential.

These choices did not come easy given my lack of understanding.  I was not looking for a trend, a quick fix or an infomercial solution. I was looking for a lifestyle.  And that's where I was reintroduced to Danielle Korb and the philosophy she created with Sweat Training.  Positive, supportive, high energy and intensity that encouraged my personal development. In the gym we added 40 lbs of muscle & leaned me out to 7% body fat taking me to 220 lbs, and what was achieved in the gym transcended to what I accomplished outside of the gym.

For me, these outcomes have contributed to my ability to function as a leader.  More importantly, it has extended my role as a husband and father by many years to come.  All as a result of the daily choices that can be made as an investment in your future well being.

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Jeff's Athletic Lifestyle Transformation.

Jeff has a career as a computer programmer in front of a computer & a traveling lifestyle. He overcame those challenges to lose clothes sizes, increase his confidence, motivate his career,  take on new fitness challenges. Jeff motivated himself, his career, & his family…so can you.

I’m Jeff, I’m 35 years old, and was born in raised here in Cincinnati. I went to St X here in town for high school and then Ohio State for college. Since college I’ve worked as a computer programmer, bouncing back and forth between living in Cincy and Columbus a couple times. For the past 3 years I’ve worked on my own as a consultant.

Working as a programmer can mean a lot of long hours sitting in front of a computer, especially since I’ve been self employed. My job doesn’t involve a lot of physical activity, but can be mentally draining, making it difficult to work up the motivation to get to the gym after work.

Right around the time I started my own business, I started spending less and less time being physically active, and by 2013 was well over weight and very unhappy with the shape I was in. I had tried a bunch of different ways to get back in shape, but none of them worked. I’d try them for a few days and then stop.

My initial goal was simply to lose as much body fat as quickly as possible. I wanted to re-establish a good baseline for myself that I could use to springboard to other goals, and get back to a lifestyle that involved really strenuous exercise on a regular basis.

My dad’s girlfriend started Sweat Training, and talked about how great of an experience she had. It was tough at first, just because I was used to being in better shape than I was at that point. I would struggle to do things that used to be easy for me, and have to exercise at a much slower pacing than I was used to. It really helped to have someone to keep me accountable and remind me that with dedication I could push through and get back to
being fit.

I travel a decent amount, both for work and for fun, and traveling makes it really hard to stay healthy. It’s tough to find the motivation to workout, and it’s really hard to eat healthy when you aren’t at home.

Even with that challenge I’ve pushed through by working that much harder when I am at home. I push myself to earn the trips through working hard in the gym and eating right as much as possible.

I maintain my new healthy lifestyle by trying to get to the gym 4-5 times a week. Normally I come to Sweat Training on Mondays and Wednesdays, which helps me get the week off to a good start, and then fill in more workouts on my own. As the weather has finally warmed up, I’ve also started working in some runs outside at parks.

I try to prepare meals for several days. My favorites are lean turkey breast, which I make into chili, and chicken breast mixed with buffalo sauce. Both are really easy to make in bulk and taste good. I do have days when I eat unhealthy more often than I’d like, but I try to focus on getting right back on track when these happen.

My training is whole body cardio-intense circuits with someone shouting motivational things at me (“Water breaks are for the weak!” is one classic Danielle example) and keeping me accountable to the program. The intensity is what I like most about my training! I enjoy pushing myself to complete the circuits and cardio as quickly as possible. I also like the creative exercise combinations.

With the fueling plan, I like being able to plan out healthy meals in advance and make them in bulk. This takes so much of the guess work out of eating the right stuff, and keeps me from eating out. I also really like knowing the exact portion sizes I should be eating, and how to divide meals correctly among fats, carbs and proteins.

The greatest gains from this plan is the clothes size change, pounds lost, & being able to be ready for a tough mudder. I’ve lost a total of about 18 pounds on the scale, and about double that in terms of body fat – about 36 pounds of pure fat weight lost in total! It’s been great to have clothes fit me better, and to be back to feeling like I was at a pretty good fitness level.

This plan has had an impact on the rest of my life. My confidence in myself skyrockets as I improve my physical conditioning, which is really a great feeling! If you are where I was don’t get discouraged in the beginning, keep pushing through, and you will be able to turn the corner and achieve your goals.

My next goal is to lose around 10-15 more pounds as quickly as possible, and then begin a muscle-building phase. I have some specific strength goals in mind as well: getting my 1 Rep max on Bench Press back above 300 pounds, and being able to do 15 standard pull-ups without stopping. I’m also planning to complete an endurance event this year that will test me – either a Triathlon or a Tough Mudder.

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Mandy's Athletic Lifestyle Transformation.

Mandy is an accomplished business woman, wife, mother, & sweat training athlete. Learn about how she lost the honeymoon weight, stayed fit during her entire first pregnancy, & got her body back after having little baby Ethan. 

I’m Mandy, 33 years old. I have a husband, Paul, and a 12 month old son, Ethan. I can’t believe he is already a year! 

I’ve lived in Cincinnati all my life. I love Cincinnati... I grew up on the Westside in Cheviot. I was very lucky to spend my 20’s having fun with my friends when I met Paul. Now an Eastsider, I live in a wonderful family neighborhood where I can still hear the fireworks when the Reds win or get a homerun. I went to NKU and work in Loveland for a distribution company called xpedx. I support our global sales team.  My company is in the middle of merging with our competitor.  It can be a little stressful not knowing the future of the company, so exercising is my best stress reliever.

When I’m not too crazy busy with my little one, I enjoy cooking, searching for new healthy recipes, doing nothing in front of the TV, running the Lunken airport track, happy hour with my girlfriends, going to the gym, shopping, Reds games and obviously Sweat Training!

About a year in to dating Paul, I gained 15 pounds because we were always out with friends eating and drinking plus he’s pretty good cook.  I was pretty upset about the weight gain.  I felt like I woke up one day and none of my clothes fit me.  I didn’t even like getting my picture taken. (which if you know me something is wrong!)  So I knew I needed to do something.  I started going to Jazzercise.  I had fun because the routines were always different and it was a fun atmosphere.  I, also, focused on eating healthier. I bought several cook books and magazines that taught me how to add flavor without the calories and fat.  This jump started my motivation and I was committed to this for a while. But when I got engaged I stopped exercising and went back to the unhealthy way of losing weight and ate very little.  I didn’t have the energy to workout.  I reached my weight goal, but it wasn’t a healthy way of doing it.  I went from 131lbs to 118 in about a month. 

My husband signed me up for Sweat Training. It was part of my 1-year anniversary present. He knew this would be a challenge and something I would enjoy.  He also signed me up for cooking lessons so maybe he’s trying to tell me something.

My goal is to be healthy and feel great about my body. I realize now that the number on the scale doesn’t always tell you if you’re healthy or fit.  Since having a baby,  the number on the scale has been closer to that 131 number but I fit into all the clothes that I wore when I was 118 and that’s because of Sweat Training. I don’t get on a scale very often. Before Sweat Training I thought I had to be under 120 to look good.  So not true!  My other goal is to be a fit Mama and stay fit for the next pregnancy.   

The feeling I have after a training session is addictive.  It’s a sense of accomplishment every week. This helps me eat better and workout on my own. I’m more upset if I have to miss a session. Being fit helped me stay motivated during my first trimester of pregnancy. I started training with Sweat Training a few months prior to being pregnant so that helped. Also, committing to a time slot helped me stay motivated because I’m going to pay for it either way.

My setbacks are related to time management.  With a little one, I don’t eat as well and I have a hard time getting up for my morning runs.  Prior to a baby, I loved doing my cardio in the morning during the week. Talking to the owner, she says the am cardio in the morning prior to eating is one of the best times to get cardio training in.  With a baby and a full-time job, I had to prioritize what is important to me.  Having time to work out is one of my top priorities. It keeps me going. 

I Sweat Train once a week. My training is high intensity to get my heart rate up.  If I complete my circuits early I try to get a few extra sprints into my session.  During the week I run 3-4 times.  Ideally, I would run at least twice in the morning before work during the week and on the weekends.  When it’s nice outside, I take Ethan for walks in the stroller often. Sweat Training has taught me several exercises I can do while at home, especially, the ab workouts that needs coordination…. I need to work on those.

Every workout is a full body workout.  I have to admit I feel like a badass when I leave Sweat Training.  It’s tough stuff and you need the right mindset to get through it every week. But worth it!  I love how my arms look, I wish I knew about Sweat Training before getting into a strapless wedding dress. 

I trained with Sweat Training my whole pregnancy. I felt great, looked it and my doctors were very happy about my activity level during pregnancy.  It was great to have Danielle, the owner, train me during my pregnancy because she knew areas I needed to focus on, for instance, having a strong lower back.  Also, making sure I never over did it or strained myself and knew the exercises I should not do. I could not wait to get back to Sweat Training after having a baby.  Because I had a c-section, I waited the doctor recommended 6 weeks. 

Getting back to training was better than I had expected.  It took some time to feel comfortable with my ab workouts especially with a c-section.  I learned that I needed to be patient.  I started getting frustrated because I was expecting faster results. It took about 7 months before I felt like I had my pre-prgnacy body back.  I was beginning to think my hips would never go back to normal.  I can’t imagine how tough it would be if I did not stay fit during my pregnancy. Thank goodness for Sweat Training!

I feel healthier than I have since I played sports in high school.  For about ten years between 18-28, I didn’t have a very healthiest lifestyle.  Priorities were being socially active which met a great deal of drinking and late night eating. I, also, have a great self image and walk around with a lot more confidence.  When people tell me how great I look after a baby, I let people know that I work hard to look good.  I think promoting a healthy lifestyle is important.

Prior to Sweat Training I would go through workout spurts, but now I know I will always have an active lifestyle.  I’ll never lose motivation or be lazy again. 

What would you say to someone who is trying to stay active through pregnancy & being a mom? You can make up a million excuses, but don’t give in because you’ll regret not being active.  It’s so much harder to get the baby weight off if you’re not active during pregnancy.  I suggest becoming active at least a few months prior to being pregnant if you’re not already. My next goal is to continue my current plan and prepare for baby number 2! Stay a FitMaMa!

You too can be like Mandy and transform to get the fast & effective results you desire.