Jason & Heather's Athletic Family Transformation

Jason & Heather's Family 

Heather's Athletic Transformation

Working out & athletics have always been part of my life. Some might say I'm competitive... I would say, I want to do whatever I'm doing well! 
Before I was married, I spent a lot of time on myself. Once I married my wonderful husband, we started a family right away and it became about everyone else.

We belonged to the big gym. I took classes that fit into my schedule & it was very status quo. I wasn't pushed to my limits and I definitely was not getting the results that I was hoping for. Then a friend introduced me to Sweat Training & I immediately felt the competitive athlete come out in me again. 

Danielle is the coach that pushes me the way I need to be pushed & I have quickly seen the results I've been hoping for after 3 children. My husband also started training with Sweat Training at the same time & while we don't have the same time slot, we feel like we are in this together.

A healthy lifestyle is very important to us as a family. Sweat has made a change not just in our bodies, but in our family as well. We are a happier, healthier family when we sweat together.

Jason playing golf in California
Jason's Athletic Transformation

For most of my adult life, I have had a pretty athletic lifestyle.  In November of 2013, I was doing a popular, heavy weight lifting & cross training program and herniated two disks in my lower back.  After seeing a number of back surgeons & specialists, cortisone injections and six months of physical therapy, my back and leg pain were gone.  Unfortunately though, I was in poor physical condition & had no real direction on how to put together a workout that would get me back in shape without re-injuring my back.  I tried on my own for a while with limited success.

I found Danielle Korb & Sweat Training about six months ago.  She tailored a program that first got my core strong & stable, and has since worked with me to get back in to really great shape.  Physically I look great, but more importantly I feel great and my back is stronger that it may have ever been.

As an avid golfer, I can tell that my flexibility has improved and I've gotten longer off the tee.  I look forward to seeing my progress over the next year.

Jason playing golf in California

You too can transform your lifestyle just like Jason & Heather were able to do together. 
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