Sweat Transformation: Lindsey

5 months ago I was staring “40” in the face and ready to try and reclaim my old self back after having three kids. I love to run and after having my first daughter and even my second, running was enough for me to feel okay with my body shape. After the third baby, coupled with age, running no longer did much for my overall body shape. I needed to mix up my routine a bit. I knew I wanted to incorporate weights along with cardio. Since running can be done with a kid or 2 in tow, I also knew I needed to come up with a little over an hour a day, to complete a workout, where I was kid free.

At first, I tried some classes at big gyms and shoved my crying kid in a dirty kid’s club while I jumped around in a crowded room with tons of ladies. I quickly figured out that that was not the answer. Not only was I stressed about leaving my baby while he was clearly unhappy, I wasn’t getting anything out of the large classes. I would leave each class feeling more defeated than when I entered. I needed one on one instruction by a qualified trainer who could tell me exactly what to do to achieve results.
After looking at Danielle’s website and reading reviews, Sweat Training sounded exactly like what I was looking for. My first visit I took and boot camp class. I was amazed at how much I could sweat in such a short amount of time! I was still looking for a longer, more intense workout so I tried the group training. It was perfect! I made a commitment to come in at 6:00 a.m., while my family was still sleeping and start my day off right.

 I feel like I have a personal trainer even when there are up to 3 additional people in the gym with me. After each class, I am out of breath, challenged and my body feels like it has really accomplished something. Most importantly, I feel like I am making the most of the hour that I have to myself, and not wasting one second of it!

I continue to take 3 group training classes a week and try to mix in some boot camps as well. Danielle has given me a lot of attention and is extremely patient and works really hard with me. She’s gotten me to a point where I am more comfortable with trading my “mom” t-shirts out for cute workout gear! Overall, I am a happier person, have more patience with my kids and husband and feel healthier because I am doing something that is not only great now, but will have a lasting effect!